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Aragon Research Globe™ recognises SignEasy as Innovator in its Digital Transaction Management Report, 2020

E-Signature platforms are quickly transitioning towards a complete automation of digital transactions management. Aragon Research Globe describes the framework for evaluating the vendors and compares the top 20 products.

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Automate paper-based transactions using DTMs to transform employee and customer experience. A completely digital experience and faster turnaround on contracts lead to customer and employee delight.

Aragon Research's report elaborates:

  1. ●  What is DTM and why forward-thinking companies need to know about it.
  2. ●  How automating document-focused customer journeys leads to significant efficiencies.
  3. ●  The importance of mobility in the customer and employee DTM journey.

Get electronic Signatures from your Customers and Teams with SignEasy

What customers say about SignEasy

SignEasy allows me to stay in touch with any important document that needs review and signature while on the go.

Matthew MacDonald
JMA Group

With SignEasy, I always know that I have the ability to execute a document anytime in a quick and efficient manner.

Larry Goodman
Pinnacle Management

I am usually all over the world. I never know when I am going to need to sign something. This app works every single time.

Darren Murph