How Dalhart Improved their Hiring Process with eSignatures

Dalhart Independent School District provides education from elementary to high school grades across five campuses in Dalhart, Texas.

The HR department at Dalhart ISD faced a problem – their hiring process was long and involved multiple touch points, which made it difficult to keep a track of. Contracts and letters of assurance (LRAs) had to be prepared months in advance, and had to be sent out to teachers through the post. This meant it took the department at least 4 weeks to receive the signed contracts and continue with the administrative process. The process was becoming cumbersome and unacceptable.

Having understood this pain point, Kathy Winchell, the HR Director of Dalhart ISD, set out to turn this process around. The complete reliance on paperwork in the process was the cause of the drawn-out hiring process, and could have been eliminated by digitizing this entire workflow. Thinking of electronic signatures as the solution was a logical next step – and this is when she came across Signeasy.

How is Signeasy being used?

The HR department prepares the employment contracts and LRAs and uploads them to Dropbox. Kathy then heads to the five DISD campuses to meet in person the employees to be enrolled for the next academic year. She simply takes her iPad to access the documents and import them into Signeasy, visits the teachers, and gets the LRAs signed on the spot. She reduced a process which used to take months to a 10 hour task. Kathy says, “Signeasy is fast, efficient and saves us a lot of hassle.”

And how is Dalhart ISD benefiting from using Signeasy?

  • Efficiency
    Finalizing an employment contract is now quicker since employees are signing up on the spot. There is now no need to send, wait, and follow up anymore.
  • Saves Time
    Previously, the HR department had to wait for weeks, for the contracts and LRAs to be returned before they could be filed. The whole process has now been reduced to a 10 hour task.
  • Digital Workflow
    With Signeasy’s cloud integration, the documents can be accessed, signed, and saved immediately. These documents can be easily retrieved by anyone in the department.

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