How Rise Fulfillment saves time – and the planet – with Signeasy

Rise Fulfillment is all about big goals: not only is this delivery company on a mission to give local consumers and small businesses access to goods that are typically only available to large companies, but everything they do is also underpinned by an eco-friendly, sustainable vision.

Like any business, Rise has tons of invoices and delivery documents to process on a daily basis. Prior to discovering Signeasy, Logistics Captain Luke Wilson said things were more than a little overwhelming by the end of the day. “Before Signeasy, we would spend hours in the evenings developing and creating invoices, establishing different formats and templates … it was time consuming to say the least.”

It didn’t take long for Luke and the Rise team to start looking for a time-saving solution – namely an eSignature software that could help them save time and energy when it came to processing and organizing their physical paperwork. Signeasy has been with the company since its early days, proving itself to be an ideal fit in many more ways than one.

Why Rise loves Signeasy

– Going paperless

As a company that prides itself on sourcing eco-friendly supplies for its customers, Rise’s choice to digitize their paperwork processes was perfectly aligned with their core values. Thanks to Signeasy, they have been able to significantly curb their paper consumption, adding another important dimension to their environmentally-conscious promise.

– Growth-oriented

According to Team Captain Marcus Vaca, Signeasy “does nothing but foster growth.” With a fleet of delivery associates on the road and tons of paperwork flowing in and out of the company, Rise learned firsthand that eliminating cumbersome processes and achieving peak organization was the key to sustainable growth.

– Customer satisfaction

Konan Pi, proud owner of Hōm Korean Kitchen, said that Rise’s operations are noticeably different from all of his other suppliers. Among other perks, he loved the fact that Signeasy sent him an electronic copy of the document in question once the transaction was complete: “I don’t have to worry about all this paperwork piling up somewhere,” he said. “Everything is streamlined. I don’t have to worry about having a paper trail.”


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