4 reasons why SMBs are switching to E-signatures

Over the last few years, e-signatures have taken the world by storm. Thousands of organizations have adopted them after having experienced their many benefits, according to a recent Gartner report. While enterprises have been leading this adoption, SMBs have also hopped on the e-signature bandwagon in recent times.

Hard copy paperwork is notorious for its ability to slow business transactions when time is of the essence. E-signatures can go a long way toward helping SMBs eliminate paperwork bottlenecks by automating document workflows across departments such as HR, sales, and more.

However, a number of businesses consider e-signature solutions to be one that only enterprises can benefit from, as opposed to SMBs. If you are one of those naysayers, here are 4 reasons why you should switch to e-signatures today:

(1) Cuts down on expenses

For most SMBs, signing a document necessitates  a string of administrative tasks like printing, faxing, and scanning. Such elaborate processes can have a huge impact on admin costs. On average, 13 percent of businesses spend $1000 a week on paper processing, while another 3 percent spend more than $5000 a week on paperwork-related costs.

E-signatures are an effective means of cutting costs and saving paper, the latter being a matter of growing importance in today’s world. In fact, the total paper consumed by an average American employee in a year is equivalent to six 40-ft trees.

(2) Drives more revenue

Running a successful business calls for a lot of hard work. Delaying signing a contract or hiring a new employee due to some paperwork can be disheartening.

With e-signatures, you can ensure faster turnarounds for contracts, invoices, and more. It also reduces the likelihood of clients missing out on fields. Not only will this technology help you facilitate a positive client experience, but it will also drive your revenue significantly.

(3) Increases team productivity

50% of SMBs are negatively affected by disorganized paperwork and filing, according to recent research by Xero. Couple that with the number of hours that are spent retrieving old contracts, passing new documents back and forth, and waiting for client signatures, and your employees are bound to be less productive.

E-signatures can help drive employee productivity by reducing the time spent on paperwork processes. For example, the hotels team at Cleartrip, a leading player in India’s online travel space, found themselves spending hours trying to retrieve old contracts. Switching to Signeasy relieved the team of this burden by allowing them to archive all signed partner contracts in one place.

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(4) Keeps your documents legally binding and secure

Two of the most important elements that come into play when dealing with official business paperwork are legality and security. E-signature solutions go to great lengths to ensure that both of these needs are met.

Most solutions offer compliance with a range of regulations such as the ESIGN Act, UETA, and eIDAS, in order to ensure legality of e-signatures across geographical areas. These solutions also leverage SSL encryption and detailed audit trails to keep your documents secure.

All of this starting at just $15/month

Looking for an e-signature solution to give you a competitive edge over your industry peers? Your search ends here. Signeasy offers an intuitive user experience that will have your team hooked from day one. Unlimited access to remote signing, custom branded signing workflow, access to partner integrations (Outlook, GSuite, Zoho, Dropbox) and detailed audit trail are just a few of the handy features that Signeasy has to offer. 

Get access to all these features and more by signing up for our free trial today!

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