Tips to supercharge your new student registration and enrollment

Making students wait in a queue for application forms, crowding the halls of your institute, isn’t an option anymore. Also, pandemic or not, paper-based student enrollment and registration have become outdated – for being very time-consuming and inefficient. So, let it be your new year’s resolution (as a decision-maker at your institute) to place special focus on upgrading the way new student registration is conducted. 

Read on to understand what three technologies you MUST adopt in order to ensure prospective students are registered and enrolled remotely and quickly. 

4 technologies for seamless new student registration and enrollment

Digital transformations are in the air! It’s high time that the education sector too joined in this trend to secure sky-high productivity for staff, better hygiene, cost savings, etc. 

Choosing to move new student registration and enrollment online is a good first step. We have 5 steps that can help:

    1. Conduct virtual open days: Even before registration, most schools of repute conduct open house sessions that allow prospective students to familiarize themselves with the city, campus and maybe even sit in on a class or two. In a post-COVID scenario, it would be wise to host a virtual open house where students can get a digital walkthrough of the institute. The portal could also host live and interactive talks, allow interactive sessions where applicants may speak to staff and current students about their experiences — all from the comfort of their own home. 
    2. Offer online counseling and interviews: As a measure to reduce face to face interactions, schools could conduct video interviews to shortlist the best candidates. You could even offer online academic counseling sessions to help applicants figure out which courses to register for. 
    3. Share registration-related notices via online forms:: Paper-based registration processes are no longer an option. You could host the registration form on the admissions page of your website, integrated with Signeasy API. This will allow students to e-sign and then send the filled form onwards, without ever picking up a pen or using a printer/scanner. The school can also send the following notices to students via an eSignature solution:
      1. Update on the dates and times of the interviews
      2. Merit lists of the admitted students 
      3. List of students included in the waitlist
      4. Admission confirmation and so on

    Parents or students can also confirm their acceptance of the vacancy without ever stepping into the institute.
    4. Secure admission and enrolment fees online: Since all businesses from groceries to hospitals are accepting online payments, it’s about time schools start electronically collecting new student registration fees too. Make sure you choose a secure software that is integrated with multiple payment gateways, banks, and digital wallets. This effectively will do away with paper receipts (save on stationary) and physical fee counters at your premises. 

Why Signeasy for new student registration?

Signeasy makes life for admin staff and applicants so much more convenient that you will not ever consider manual documentation workflows ever again. 

In fact, in a recent survey of educational institutes, a 3733% hike in the usage of eSignature solutions was recorded for the student admissions paperwork alone. These respondents use Signeasy to approve and mail everything from admission forms to student loan documents. 

Here are the top five reasons to choose Signeasy for your new student registration paperwork:

  1. Improve applicant delight: Applicants and their parents can get the entire new student registration paperwork done without ever using a printer or stepping out of their homes! Just a few clicks and the application is in the institute’s inbox!
  2. Boost staff productivity: Managing student applications is an intense job. But since Signasy allows for staff members to send and receive documents via mobile app, they don’t need to stay rooted to their desktops to keep track of documentation. Further, by allowing staff to save and reuse templates of commonly used application forms, it saves them the error of drafting forms from scratch. Efficient means of processing new student registration paperwork is completed in the least time possible.
  3. Enables digital record-keeping: Signeasy stores every signed document on the cloud. So, you may access the student registration information from anywhere and at any time, without having to dig through physical archives.
  4. Offers real-time updates: Staff can keep track of the status of the new student registration paperwork. As and when a student admission/enrollment document is approved, you automatically get notified with Signeasy!
  5. Very affordable: Once signed-up, you can enjoy a 14-day free trial of Signeasy. And, if after that you wish to continue, you need to pay only $12 per month

To fast-track your new student registration, give the Signeasy free trial a shot – click here. And get in touch with our support executives (support@) if you have any further questions!

Know how Signeasy can help you create a better learning experience for your students by minimizing paperwork.

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