Giving the gift of nature this World Environment Day

It’s #WorldEnvironmentDay today and the stories of people and businesses worldwide trying to go paperless abound and inspire each one of us.

We feel blessed to be in a position which lets us add to this cause, and occasions like these give us a moment to look back at how far we’ve come in this pursuit. We are happy and excited to have helped millions of consumers and businesses of all sizes save over 60 million sheets of paper and preserve over 295 acres of forest from deforestation.

At SignEasy, we strive to do things with purpose, chop the frills and stay as close to the core as possible. Helping the world go paperless and ensuring we apply this to ourselves first forms an integral part of our vision.

In the spirit of connecting people to nature, we decided to celebrate this occasion by bringing in a new practice into our company culture and the way we welcome our new hires – so that they get a sense of our paperless vision from day one. Moving forward, we would celebrate and welcome a new team member with the gift of mother earth herself.

Terrariums FTW

Every new colleague will now be surprised (or maybe not, if they’re reading this 😀 ) with a tiny and symbolic terrarium – one that symbolizes, growth, sustainability and freedom. Plants grow when they are cared for, which is a culture, that we work towards spreading within the people at SignEasy as well. A culture of care, mutual understanding and support, so that everybody can grow together. We also see value in doing things that are sustainable, whether it is being particular about the people we hire, so as to ensure that everyone is a seamless fit in the company culture, or whether it is creating a product that saves paper and helps protect our environment for a sustainable future. Terrariums are also easy to maintain, beautiful pieces of art and most importantly they give you the freedom to have plants indoors and connect with nature while you’re amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. They truly embody our values and therefore are a great medium to communicate our values to the noobs in our team.

Terrarium with depth

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