Apple features Signeasy in the iPhone 6s commercial

Apple released a couple of iPhone 6s commercials yesterday, and we are thrilled to see Signeasy being featured in the iPhone 6s – Fingerprint commercial, among applications like Bank of America – Mobile Banking, Singapore Airlines, Apple Pay, LockSmart and Volvo on Call. The 30-second commercial focuses on all the ‘woah’ things you could do with just your Touch ID on your iPhone, beyond just normal identification – things like accessing your secure bank account, doing a flight check-in, making payments, unlocking your padlocks and car, and of course, using the Signeasy application to sign a document securely. Take a look at the commercial here and spot us at 00:17.

The  Touch ID-based authentication introduced back in October 2014 brought in a more secure and reliable way for users to sign business and personal documents stored in their email or preferred cloud storage accounts. This is a step ahead of the passcode-based security mechanism. The love from our users and, now, this recognition from Apple reiterates our belief of being among the best eSignature experiences.

With Signeasy, we are sure that it takes only as much time to sign that purchase document securely as to say “I bought a boat!”

Like this guy, here. 🙂

Haven’t tried us yet? Download the latest version of Signeasy from the App Store!

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