SignEasy turns 3: Our journey in the mobile eSignature industry

Any anniversary is a time of reflection as well as of celebration. This july 2013, SignEasy celebrates its third anniversary. It is of great importance as we have not only grown the size of our customer base but we have also grown up and reached a new level of maturity as a company.

Along this journey SignEasy has helped professionals to gain efficiency and stay productive on the go by enabling them to sign and collect signatures from their mobile devices. People who see change in a positive light have embraced SignEasy as an essential business tool to speed up their workflows in both their business and personal lives. With SignEasy, they eliminate the possibility of ever feeling regrets about losing time, money or customers along the way due to situations that are not in their control, such as dependence on others to authorize paperwork or going back to the office to turn in important documents.

At SignEasy we believe that paperwork should not get in the way of your day or your pay, that’s why we continue to build innovative products that solve the critical pain points of contemporary professionals with regards to paperwork that has always been there and cannot be avoided.

We are excited to share to the world the impact SignEasy has had on a global scale. And because actions say more than words, here is a brief snapshot of our journey in facts and numbers.

We look forward to the years ahead.

Sunil and the Team at SignEasy




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