eSignature growth skyrockets across all business verticals during COVID-19

At Signeasy, we’ve always prided ourselves on being the go-to eSignature solution for individuals and businesses looking for an intuitive, affordable, and easy way to sign documents.

Small- and medium-sized businesses around the world are looking to quickly digitize their paperwork to avoid stalling their progress, making Signeasy an increasingly essential digital tool. If companies want to continue signing documents, filling out forms, and closing deals, they will need to take their workflows online.

Founded in 2010, Signeasy’s mission is to make it easier for SMBs and individuals to complete their paperwork quickly and efficiently. More than 130,000 customers use our software around the world, from legal and finance professionals to schools, independent contractors, and sales teams. Together, our users have signed over 21 million documents to date, saving countless hours of their time and an exceptional amount of paper. Over the years, we’ve set up a host of powerful integrations with industry leaders like Microsoft, Google, Dropbox and Box, constantly finding new ways to simplify our users’ workflows for the most seamless experience on the market.

We want to share some notable trends that we have experienced in the recent months:


Electronic Signatures become a necessity in the age of social-distancing


Steep growth in signups

Between March 16 and April 16, 2020, nearly 250,000 users have created a Signeasy account, marking a 2.4x increase in paid subscriptions compared to recent months. In the US, the number of sign ups have more than doubled, indicating huge eSignature growth in our top market. The sharpest influx of users has come from Spain, with almost 12x more user sign-ups than usual. Other countries that have dramatically increased their subscriptions include Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, and France – all of which can access the Signeasy app in their local language.

eSignature growth during COVID-19


User activity on the Signeasy platform has also increased significantly, with double the number of weekly average users. The increase wasn’t particularly localized, either: engagement spiked all over the world. Below are the 10 countries that increased their weekly usage the most.


eSignature growth during COVID-19


Strong correlation with the stay-at-home advisories in the respective countries

For most countries, the sharpest increase in activity coincided with the issuance of their local stay-at-home advisory. This trend strongly suggests that working from home was the main trigger for people deciding to try an electronic signature solution leading to steep eSignature growth.

eSignature growth during COVID-19


Increase in number of documents signed

And it’s not just that there are more people signing up for the platform: the average number of documents signed per day has tripled, while the number of documents signed in person has decreased by 25% due to social distancing. Companies and individuals are clearly reacting quickly to recent changes, and demonstrating exceptional adaptability by onboarding modern tools.

Change in behavior for different workflows


Usage varies by business verticals

When it comes to documents signed per week, the insurance and financial services industries experienced the biggest uptick, increasing their usage by 3x and 5x, respectively. Other industries that have also seen a huge eSignature growth include healthcare, nonprofit, and legal services.

eSignature growth during COVID-19

Other usage trends

Teams are sharing templates with each other more frequently, indicating an increase in remote collaboration.

With Public links in Signeasy, users can publish or share a direct link to a template document for anybody to sign. It’s a great way to collect eSignatures en masse by sharing these links over a website, email, sms or WhatsApp, when you don’t know the signers personally or in advance, as is the case with documents like online petitions, NDAs or consent forms. Such uses have also contributed to the steep eSignature growth we are seeing.

Between March 16 and April 16, the number of users who published links to their documents increased 2x. One particularly interesting use case that stood out was political candidates in the US using Signeasy’s Template links to collect signatures from their voters. One such user is John Meyer, running for the office of Attorney General for Montana, who’s collected almost 150 signatures till date using the template.


JohnMeyer Electronic Signature


Companies in various industries, including healthcare and NGO are saving huge amounts of time by using Signeasy. Healthcare professionals across the world are at the frontline, fighting the crisis and we are providing free plans to these heros, to do our bit in supporting them.

“Your application helped me sign many documents in order to close important deals especially in our situation nowadays. It is fast, easy to use, and has many options. According to the follow up and support, I am really happy and thankful for everything! Be safe and take care!”
– Lara Azar, Communications Manager, Sutter Health Hospital

NGOs are going above and beyond to help people affected by the lockdown and to help daily wage earners survive. We are humbly helping such NGOs by providing them free use of our electronic signature software so they can keep important paperwork moving.

“Thanks to Signeasy I have been able to sign documents while working remotely under the COVID-19 guidelines.”
– Maria Pesquiera, President at Healthy Communities Foundation.

eSignatures have become a part of our everyday lives. Sign up for Signeasy’s 14-day free trial and experience electronic signatures first-hand.


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