Five easy ways to be more agile with your removal business

Manage your removal business on the move with Electronic Signatures. Signeasy covers every scenario so that you can keep your business constantly moving and growing!

Whether you are a one-man van removal service in your local area, or an international movers and packers company that frequently relocate company staff and expats all around the world, you can make life so much easier for yourself if you embrace the new world of Electronic Signatures/

Consider this: at any given time, most of your service providers, clients and team are on the go. So why isn’t your paperwork?

5 Easy Ways to Be More Agile with your Removal Business

The Signeasy team are shocked about the amount of crumpled forms that need to be signed by clients employing a removal firm.

If you find that crucial paperwork gets lost or is recently received crumpled up and coffee-stained from their time in your trucks, then we especially recommend that you keep reading.

Every document is just a few clicks away!

Are you doubtful that switching to Signeasy for an Electronic Signature solution is complicated and over your budget? Don’t be – it’s honestly super easy.

The Complete Guide to Electronic Signature Laws around the World

5 Easy Ways to Be More Agile with your Removal Business

Increase efficiency with online, shareable templates

Why are you still faxing or emailing documents that need agreement to the business or individual you are working with?

Upload your own branded templates that you can amend and share via email time and time again.

It doesn’t matter if your templates are in PDF, Word, JPEG or Excel – we handle all these formats, so it will take just a minute to upload what you are already using.

Send all the necessary documentation with your own section already signed to speed up the process. From the Signeasy dashboard, you can request your client to sign electronically using Signeasy’s cloud based software.

5 Easy Ways to Be More Agile with your Removal Business

You can highlight the sections you need your potential client to sign, and even request them to initial any pages, or add comments.

Collect signatures electronically

The system Signeasy has developed makes it feel like a client is signing on paper. The client can use their computer mouse, or finger if using a smartphone or tablet.

It’s far easier than the way PDFs like Adobe Acrobat Reader need to be signed, as the client will receive an email and all they need to do is click a link, read the document and sign!

5 Easy Ways to Be More Agile with your Removal Business

There is no need to print, sign and scan documents and email them back, or send them back as an email attachment.

Store documents all in one place

Most cloud-based storage systems are far more secure than storing signed documentation on your hard drive, or physically in an office filing cabinet.

If you already use DropboxBox, or Google Drive then we have great news for you! Signeasy integrates with all of these cloud-based storage solutions!

Even if you don’t use them, we can advise you in how to best organize your documents, including from your personalized and private Signeasy dashboard.

5 Easy Ways to Be More Agile with your Removal Business

Users can be limited to different access levels to meet your company’s confidential data needs, so personal data will only be shared when absolutely necessary and only to the right people in your organization.

Collect signatures on-the-go

You and your team can access Signeasy on the move, with our iPhone and Android mobile applications solution. Drivers can collect signatures electronically in-person, offline and they can even self-sign if they need to confirm time sheets or provide a delivery receipt to the client.

Safe, secure and tracked signatures

Electronic signatures are legally binding, meaning you will have peace of mind when conducting business with clients and suppliers alike!

Signeasy cares about the security and privacy needs of your removal business.

5 Easy Ways to Be More Agile with your Removal Business

All your documentation is encrypted – even when it is on the move, so even the most confidential agreements stay safe.

Your removal business can be more agile by going paperless and switching to an Electronic Signature solution with the following use cases, and much, much more.

Removal business client-facing forms

  • Contractual quote and agreement

Bid for business with just a few clicks.

  • Client packing list

Provide a full list of items that your team or your client can quickly personalize.

  • Freight documentation

Ensure all the country relevant freight documentation is shared in a timely manner to prevent shipments being delayed.

  • Customs declaration form

Provide your clients with access to any declaration forms that they need for their country’s customs and/or tax purposes.

  • Driver pick-up confirmation

Allow your drivers and packing team to access forms on the go and collect the necessary signature from your client at the pickup point, even if it is a different time zone to you.

  • Sub-contractor’s fulfilment form

Make it easy for you to do business with your network of global removal providers or sub-contractors by having fulfilment forms ready to be passed onto clients to re-confirm address and crucial information closer to the delivery due date.

  • Driver timesheets, delivery confirmation

Remove the need for physical paperwork on the go. Your driver can complete their time sheet electronically and get the client to sign off on the safe delivery of items. Any discrepancies can all be captured electronically, to avoid your drivers’ a trip back to the office with all the paperwork. Drivers can also immediately share a delivery receipt via email.

5 Easy Ways to Be More Agile with your Removal Business

Removal business internal documentation

All your administration efforts will become a doddle.

  • HR contracts and policies

Whether you use part-time, full-time or freelance staff, you can ensure any company HR policies and contracts that need to be adhered to are signed and stored on the first day.

  • Driver petrol and expenses forms

Does your removal business use drivers that need to share and sign off on expenses, such as petrol costs? Regulate the system and make it easier for every team involved by keeping it all online.

  • Subcontractor agreements

You might need to work with partners to fulfil your services across the world. Agree and share the details and sign on the dotted line electronically.

  • Speed up payments

Make your accounts team so much happier by creating and receiving signed Purchase Orders online.

Join the Electronic Signature movement!

Several transportation providers are already using Signeasy.

“Signeasy works across devices, which means that the pilots can now quickly fill in and sign their discrepancy logs on iPads. The detailed audit trail for each transaction ensures that everything is easy to track, with no element of the paperwork missing or incomplete.” – Business Jet Access

Read the full case study of Business Jet Access here.

5 Easy Ways to Be More Agile with your Removal Business

The future is digital and it’s time your removal business embraces the technology that will take your business to the next level.

By using Electronic Signatures and reducing the need for paperwork, we are sure you will have a much more secure documentation system – and find yourself saving a small fortune.

In the words of Fleetwood Mac: 

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow / Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here /It’ll be, better than before / Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone.

Try Signeasy for 15 days and witness how Electronic Signatures could make your removal business more efficient today!

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