Signeasy debuts Aadhaar eSign

14th December 2017 marked a huge milestone for Signeasy, and a very personal one at that – Signeasy is launching Aadhaar eSign, India’s first e-signature solution with a complete business workflow.

It has been 7 years since Signeasy started out; thanks to our fantastic team and wonderful customers, we’ve come far. Over 30 million documents have been processed with Signeasy and people across 180 countries trust and love this product to make their lives easier. We take pride in building a global product from India, and now we’ve created one exclusively for India.

An e-signature solution tailored for the Indian market has been in the works for a while now. According to a September 2017 Forrester study, e-signature transactions among Indian businesses are expected to cross 90 million by 2020. An impressive 78% of the surveyed companies expect to invest in an e-signature solution within the next 6 to 12 months.

Meanwhile, the Aadhaar framework was gaining momentum in India, already impacting a billion people. We’ve been looking forward to integrating with this technology since it would give Signeasy the ability to make e-signatures accessible and seamless for a large audience. Aadhaar-verified e-signatures carry 100% legal compliance and validity; overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better timing or opportunity to launch here.

Here is what Signeasy’s Aadhaar eSign can do:

  • It is the first and only e-signature solution in the market that offers a complete fill-and-sign functionality with business workflows. Which means users can finish their documents in one go.
  • Document Fields, another advanced feature, helps customers guide their signers through a document, resulting in error-free paperwork.
  • Documents such as invoices, offer letters etc., which are sent for signature repeatedly can be saved as templates and sent for signatures, cutting down redundancy.

You can check out Aadhar eSign in action right here.

Electronic signatures have proven to be the driving force behind many businesses’ digital transformation. Their impact on productivity and business efficiency is substantial, whether it is reducing costs, increasing revenue or improving customer satisfaction.

Instamojo, a digital payments platform and a Signeasy customer vouches for it.

“With so many contracts signed and managed regularly, one of Instamojo’s goals is to move to paperless processes”, said the Co-Founder, Akash Gehani. “Signeasy’s Aadhaar based e-signatures have made this very simple while enabling us to provide a better experience for our partners.”

As for the future, we have an API integration on our roadmap for 2018, so that businesses can easily integrate the solution into their existing workflows and dashboards. With our R&D arm headquartered in Bangalore and a globally scaling team, we are committed to being a part of India’s digital transformation.

Aadhaar eSign is now ready and raring to bring efficiency to businesses. If you are a consultant, work in startup or SMB based in India, we’d love for you to check it out and let us know what you think. After all, your feedback is what will help us make it even better!

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