iOS 9 Features that will Redefine your SignEasy Experience on iPad

[Update: Apple just featured us in their Great Apps & Games for iOS 9 list in the App Store. Read more here]


The WWDC 2015 was an eagerly anticipated event at SignEasy, to learn what Apple had planned to bring out in iOS 9, and also to see how we could leverage it to help our users. Apple’s previous update with ‘extension capability’ had helped our users sign important documents right within any app. This time, we wanted to do more, and were constantly discussing what could be new in the new OS. Once we started, there was no going back.

And today, we have brought out the iOS 9 update for SignEasy, with two cool features which will help our users stay efficient, productive and save more time!

Here is a quick overview.

Quicker access to SignEasy with Slide Over

You know your iPad is great for work. Now, you can make even better use of it with the Slide Over feature. Just open, sign and send documents with your SignEasy app – without leaving the one you’re currently in. Isn’t it amazing? And the best part, it is available for all iPads running on iOS 9.

To open the Slide Over, swipe leftwards from the right side of the screen, where you can select SignEasy from the listed apps. On selecting SignEasy, it becomes the primary app (here being the messenger) becoming inactive in the background.

Slide Over for SignEasy on iOS 9


Multitasking with Split View

Want to run SignEasy side by side with another app, say Mail, Evernote or Dropbox? Or sign a document while continuing on the group chat? With iOS 9, you now can!

With Split View, you can now go a step further and be uber-productive by running two apps side-by-side on iOS 9. For example, if you’re on a mail app, just swipe inwards from the right end to open the Slide Over, and tap on the control just outside the Slide Over border to enter Split View. SignEasy works beautifully next to your mail app now, with both apps active and functional. Just sign documents and send it back in a breeze, without any unnecessary tapping, switching between apps, or waiting for apps to load – making it a smooth, seamless, multitasking experience. The multitasking feature is available only on iPad Air 2 and above.

Multitasking in SignEasy for iOS 9


When everything you need is in front of you, it is easier to focus.

To get a hands-on experience with the new SignEasy update on iOS 9, we suggest you to download it from here and give it a spin.


This update also lets you now experience SignEasy on iPhone 6 devices (and above) in landscape orientation, like in an iPad, using the Split Screen view.

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