Extended Language Support, Signature Sync and More in the new SignEasy for iOS Update

Last week, we brought in a version update for SignEasy for iOS (ver 5.6.4). Just dropping in a quick note on the goodies this update brings to our iOS users.

Sep 8

  • Extending Support for Chinese, Korean & Japanese: In the effort to provide the best localized experience while being a global product, we now support Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. This takes our international language support count for SignEasy on iOS to 15.
  • Better Signature Synchonization: With the new update, you can now keep your signature synced across all platforms and devices, making the signature experience smoother.
  • BetterĀ Support within the app: The newly added FAQ section within the Help section will now help you find answers to your queries and issues right within the app.

Get going with these features by updating to the newer version. If you have any suggestions or feedback to share with us, you can drop us an email at hello[at]getsigneasy.com.

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