How to organize your property management business with eSignatures

If you’re a property manager, that also means you’re a juggler, a fixer, and a fortune teller rolled into one. You need to know what’s happening with each of your properties at all times, and see issues coming before they even materialize. It’s a challenging job by design, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made just a little easier with the right tools.

We know you’re usually the one handing out keys, but let’s turn the tables just this once: SignEasy is the secret key that property managers need to stay on top of every tenant, lease, agreement, invoice, time sheet, and guarantor letter. A key to success, if you will. Here are the top six ways that eSignatures will streamline your property management business instantly:


Store frequently used documents as quick-access templates

If you’re a property manager, you probably handle paperwork like leases, contractor time sheets, and invoices on a daily basis. 

With SignEasy, you can store frequently used documents as templates on the cloud: they’re accessible from anywhere and ready to send off within seconds. Simply make any necessary modifications or additions and you’ll be good to go.

Sign leases in a flash (even if your recipients don’t have SignEasy)

Are there one, two, three, even four or more tenants moving into a home or apartment? Have no fear. Grab your lease template, make sure the important parts are highlighted with a few document fields (names, dates, places to sign), and request signatures from all parties involved. 

Recipients will be able to sign the document even if they don’t have a SignEasy account of their own, and you’ll be alerted about the lease’s progress each time someone adds a signature. 

Verify contractor timesheets instantly 

You’ve already got your hands full with management duties, so you probably a small army of plumbers, electricians, and handymen taking care of repairs at various locations. SignEasy makes tracking hours a breeze: at the end of each tracking period, contractors can simply upload their time sheets and send them straight to you for approval, as opposed to leaving them to disappear into a pile of papers on your desk.

Keep tabs on all outstanding documents

Depending on how many properties you oversee, renting season can easily yield dozens of new leases for you to keep track of. 

SignEasy’s progress tracking feature makes it easy to quickly verify who’s already signed any given document, and who has yet to submit their signature. If anyone is falling behind, you can send them a handy reminder notification.

Take it all on the road

Your office is no more than a home base: property managers are required to bounce around between different addresses for inspections, showings, and more. 

With SignEasy’s mobile app, you can complete all the above-mentioned tasks while on the go, thanks to a wonderfully intuitive interface that’s simple to navigate and a pleasure to use.

Store everything in one secure place

Tenants change year after year, but don’t toss those expired leases or old time sheets just yet: it’s prudent to keep a copy of these types of documents on hand for posterity’s sake, at least for a little while.Every document you process via SignEasy is stored on the cloud for as long as you need it to be, so you don’t need to dedicate a storage closet or filing cabinet to outdated paperwork you’d still rather hold onto.


Ready to upgrade your document management workflows? Become the best property manager around with our fan-favorite eSignature software. Why not sign up for a 14-day free trial to get started?


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