How ‘Super’ eSignatures Save the Day for Businesses ?


Oliver John, a Client Manager at Neuron Wireless Ltd, had  a problem.

On a busy Friday, while he was out on a client visit, he received a call from another customer who wanted a signed copy of an invoice to process a payment. Oliver realized that his quarterly numbers were dependent upon this payment arriving on time. He immediately broke into a sweat, knowing that since the quarter ended the next day which was a holiday, he ran the risk of not meeting his quarterly targets if he couldn’t get that payment on time. But how? It was unlikely that he’d have a printer, scanner or a fax machine around him until the end of the day. Going by the traditional print & courier meant he would only receive this payment in his next quarter and not the current one. What was he to do?

This is a dilemma that has faced professionals for decades now, since the paper document became the main way that businesses confirmed and validated their transactions.

Only in the last few years with the advent of eSignatures, the problem had started to resolve itself.


Legally binding
Ever since eSignatures were legalized and granted the same authority as physical signatures by the ESIGN Act, 2000 in the US, workplaces have adopted them more. Other countries have followed suit, opening eSignatures to people and industries in different parts of the world.

Faster Signing Process
With eSignatures, instead of printing a document, signing it and then sending it, one can simply open the document and input a signature with a few clicks of the mouse, or a few taps on the mobile device, and send it immediately.

Device Friendly
In the new age of technology, documents can be signed using eSignatures on mobile, tablet, or computers. This means there is flexibility in signing and sending documents from anywhere, anytime. A document can be signed and sent from any device, without having to run around searching for a printer and scanner.

Cloud Storage
With cloud integration, documents can be saved on the cloud, making it easier to access them. One can even sign and send documents without having to download them onto the device.

And how did all this help Oliver?

Within minutes he had picked up his phone, launched the SignEasy app, signed the invoice and sent it across to the customer. Voila! The money was in the bank by the morning, his quarterly targets had been met, and he had another happy customer.

And that would be just one example of how Super eSignatures saved the day, yet again!


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