Revenue is your best friend: let SignEasy + Google Workspace help you spend more time together

It’s no secret that sales professionals have revenue on the brain. Constantly. Nothing is more top-of-mind than discovering new revenue-generating opportunities, engaging with new prospects, and better meeting the needs of current customers. Driving new business is what you do, and the right tools play an important role, but combining tools you may already be using? Now that is where you will see the impact!

Take SignEasy + Google Workspace – specifically Google Docs and Google Sheets. Whether you are new to SignEasy, or an eSigning veteran, chances are you’re among Google Workspace’s 2.6 billion users. Each one is incredibly useful on its own, but the two combined are unstoppable. With their powers combined, they can create one seamless workflow. 

Throughout the entire deal cycle, SignEasy + Google Workspace makes teamwork easier, negotiations more collaborative, payments faster, and costly errors a thing of the past. 

Google Docs

Google Docs for sales


Google Docs is the ideal way for sales teams, especially in distributed and remote environments, to draft proposals and agreements. It’s intuitive and easy to use, allows anyone to make real-time comments and edits, and is a dynamic document that updates instantly for all users. This is particularly important for sales teams since momentum would grind to a halt if someone had to figure out which version was the most recent one.

Even with a platform as collaborative as Google Docs, there is still the potential for errors to crop up when creating a final PDF for the customer. What if the wrong version is inadvertently sent out for signature? With SignEasy for Google Workspace, signature requests are initiated directly from within Google Docs. No downloads. No uploads. No embarrassing “oops” to worry about.

Google Docs Workflow

Collaborative Negotiations

Successful teamwork is synonymous with Google Docs, but what about negotiations? With Google Docs, the customer negotiation process can also be collaborative, then smoothly transition into the signature phase. 

Counterparties can easily view, make suggestions for, and comment on the most current version of a Google Doc, instead of getting caught up in the download–review–upload cycle.

Once both parties are satisfied with the status of the agreement, all that’s left to do is open the SignEasy extension within Docs and initiate the signature process.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets invoice

Invoicing: the final stage!

The deal is closed. The customer is happy. Your sales goals will be met … as long as the money shows up on time. Invoices still must be submitted, approved, and paid after a deal is finalized, which can be a challenging process in itself. While some organizations use dedicated invoicing software, many still rely on spreadsheet documents – and, if they’re a Google Docs user, chances are they work in Google Sheets, too.

SignEasy just launched an integration with Google Sheets (an eSignature industry first, by the way) for this exact type of situation! Whether you are responsible for your own invoicing or you liaise with a back office team, SignEasy + Google Sheets is one of the fastest ways to turn numbers on a spreadsheet into money in the bank. 

Once your invoice is created, you can sign it or request a customer’s signature from directly within Google Sheets. Just like Docs, there’s no more download-upload cycle and no chance of inadvertently sending the wrong PDF. 

Now that the world is opening up…

If your sales career has you frequently on the road, you’re no stranger to expense reports. Since that trip to Phoenix won’t reimburse itself, SignEasy’s Sheets integration can help. 

Once your expenses are compiled and ready for approval, request the necessary signature(s) from within the Sheets interface. Keep your hard drive free of past expense report PDFs by saving everything to the cloud, and use SignEasy to track documents from “send” to “signed.”

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