Getting closer to sales targets with electronic signatures

  • 76% of business leaders say traditional paperwork affects revenue recognition or create auditor issues.
  • 63% of sales leaders agree that paper-intensive processes negatively impact customer satisfaction.


A sales professional lives a dual life—swift and agile while pitching the value proposition to a prospect, but held back by paperwork when sealing the deal. With multiple prospects and opportunities in the pipeline, a sales professional encounters a great deal of paperwork and the print-fill-sign-scan routine every day. On an average, sales folks spend more than one-third (36%) of their time on administrative tasks, which leaves them with less time to focus on what matters the most – closing deals.

A simple switch to electronic signatures can help sales professionals get past all these roadblocks and do what they do best – close deals. Here’s how electronic signatures benefit sales professionals.

Bring in the revenue, faster

After a contract is written up, getting it signed by the client and all the associated parties can take days or weeks. By choosing electronic signatures to get the deal through this last leg, you can cut this time to hours and reduce the time to revenue.

Delight your customers

By making paperwork less burdensome and using electronic signatures that let the client sign sales contracts anywhere, anytime and from their preferred device, you create a smooth and efficient experience for the customer. That’s why 68% of best-in-class sales teams have made the switch to electronic signatures to improve customer experience and close deals faster.

Build a productive sales force

Electronic signatures allow sales professionals to take their attention off paperwork and operational tasks and focus on the key outcomes—building a healthy pipeline, improving the lead-to-win funnel and growing revenue.

Digitize processes and improve visibility

51% of sales leaders admit that documents are either misfiled or lost, and 46% of them say that they aren’t sure they have copies of all the signed agreements. With a huge deal of paperwork around, getting a visibility into  the status of sales documents and maintaining them becomes an operational challenge. Electronic signatures free up sales teams from this burden by completing the last mile in an end-to-end digitized process.

Sales superstars across organizations use Signeasy to sail through the quote-to-close cycle faster. Quoting Natalya, CEO of Natalya H. Bah Consulting as shares her experience on paperwork menace,
“It’s a part of my process for how I initiate a relationship with a client or start a new project with an existing client. I can’t imagine what I’d do without Signeasy as it has become such an integral part of my business life.”

Natalya Bah
CEO, Natalya H. Bah Consulting

Don’t you want to already say goodbye to paperwork? Make that switch and go ka-ching! Get started here.

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