SignEasy featured as a recommended business app by Dropbox

SignEasy has been one of the pioneering electronic signature mobile apps that is available on iOS, Android, BB 10 and Amazon. Our users love the functionality of SignEasy and the simplicity provided by Dropbox, a popular cloud storage service amongst our customers, to import documents to sign. In the last three months, we redesigned the app as per iOS 7 standards which help us get featured in the App Store, we celebrated our fourth anniversary and released a feature that was sought after by our users; Continuity for electronic signatures. Phew! It has been an amazing experience and we love the appreciation that we get from our users.

Today, is yet another special day for us and we wanted to share that with you. SignEasy is featured amongst the preferred business apps by Dropbox.




Are you a Dropbox user? Yes? Then you are in luck. To celebrate being featured as one of the preferred business apps, we are offering two months of premium usage for FREE! Follow this link or click on the image below to get the special offer.

Electronic Signatures Dropbox


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