How to setup a successful employee onboarding process using Signeasy

It goes without saying that implementing a successful employee onboarding program plays a critical role in driving employee engagement and retention within an organization. Virtual onboarding has become particularly important.

Paper influx makes for a tedious employee onboarding process

According to a recent study, a typical HR professional processes anywhere from 10 to 60+ unique onboarding documents for each new employee. Overwhelmed with such paperwork, it’s inevitable that a few simple tasks such as sending out that welcome email, or ensuring that they have their login credentials slip through the cracks.

With such simple omissions, it’s no surprise that according to Harvard Business Review, 33% of new hires are already sending out job applications within the first six months on the job.

On the other hand, an efficient onboarding program can reduce employee turnover from 44% to 14%, while improving new hire’s time-to-productivity by approximately a third, according to a report by iCIMS.

How Signeasy makes way for a faster and efficient onboarding experience

A good way to go about this is to digitize documents such as Offer letters, NDAs, Employee handbooks, Insurance paperwork, I-9 forms, W-4 forms ,W-2 forms, etc. Not only does this eliminate the need for HR professionals to double-handle employee paperwork and manual data entry but also saves them time on having to print and scan documents. This is where Signeasy comes into the picture.

We empower HR professionals to boost productivity by allowing them to use many of our power-packed features to create HR workflows of their dreams. For example:

  • Templates – Allows HR professionals to save frequently used onboarding documents as templates and send them out for signature in just a few clicks.
  • Request Signature – Makes it easier to get your documents signed by employees or applicants who are located remotely, thus reducing your turnaround time.
  • Custom Branding – Equips you to provide a consistent branding experience by customizing your document workflows using your brand logo.

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So without much ado, let’s take a look at how you can use Signeasy to provide a fast and easy onboarding experience to every new hire. To give you a better picture let’s first take a look at how to go about creating a template.

How to create a template

Creating a template is quite easy! It just takes few minutes.

(1) Upload a document

For the purpose of this blog, let’s take a look at how you can leverage Signeasy to prepare and send out offer letters faster.

Start by clicking on the ‘Templates’ tab on the side bar of your Signeasy dashboard and then click on the ‘Create a Template’ button.


Next you’ll need to upload the document that you’d like to set up as a template. You can do so by uploading the document from your desktop or picking a document from your Signeasy library.


(2) Assign signing roles

Next, it’s time to assign the roles of the individuals who need to sign in and fill out various fields in the document. In other words, roles let you identify the actual signees in any workflow.

Let’s say you are looking to send out an offer letter to a new Digital Marketing Head who is joining soon. In that case, the appropriate roles would be ‘VP of Marketing’ and ‘Applicant’.


Once, that is done, you can setup a signing order to ensure that the right person gets the document at the right time. For example, in this case, the offer letter will first be send to the VP of Marketing and then to the Applicant.

(3) Add the required fields

One of the biggest pain points about sending a document out for signature, is having to go back and forth on account of misplaced signatures or details that the signee missed out on filling. Well, no more of that.

With Signeasy, you can easily guide signees to fill in their details and sign at all the required places exactly in the document. All you’ve got to do is click on the ‘Add Fields’ button at the top right corner.


Next, you could choose amongst the various field options – signature, initial, date, text box, checkbox – to tag your document and send it out.


You also have the opportunity to assign the right signee to each field and reduce the chances of them missing out on it by switching ON the ‘Required’ option.


Once you’ve assigned each of fields to the respective signees, you can simply go ahead and save the document by clicking on the ‘Save Template’ button at the top right corner. Once the template has been generated and saved, it can be accessed immediately at any point of time.


How to request for signatures using templates

(1) Access template from template library

Once the template has been generated and saved, it can be easily accessed for at any point of time from the template library. All you’ve got to do is click on ‘Templates’ tab on the menu bar and then go ahead and click on the ‘Request Signature’ button to edit the document.


(2) Add signee email addresses and type in a message

Next, you’ve got to add the email addresses of the signees you are about to request signature from. Signeasy also allows you to add the email addresses of the key stakeholders in CC (Carbon Copy) to keep them in the loop on the status of the document. Once that is done, you could also type in a private message for the signees.


(3) Review and send the document

You’re almost there! Once you review the offer letter for any last minute changes, you can send them out to your signees by clicking on the ‘Send’ button at the top right corner.


(4) Track the progress of the document

Sending your paperwork out for signature is one thing. Ensuring that they turnaround in time is another. Signeasy simplifies the lives of HR professionals by allowing you to keep track of the status of document that you had send out for signing in real-time, with ease. You could even send out a reminder to a particular signee to hasten the process.


All while providing a consistent brand experience

Providing a unified brand experience plays a critical part in building on the trust of your applicant. Especially when you are looking to get their signature on confidential documents. With Signeasy, you can easily customize your document workflows using your own unique brand logo.


In a similar manner, HR professionals could also leverage Signeasy to transform many a complicated and messy document workflows across the various stages of employment cycle, into more simpler and intelligent ones. For example:

  • Leave approvals
  • Expense Reimbursements
  • Promotion approvals
  • Exit forms
  • No-dues documents and
  • Internal hiring letters

Thus, arming your HR teams with Signeasy’s power-packed features will not only boost their productivity, but also improve the turnaround time of your document from days to a few minutes in just a few clicks.  

Get started with providing a top-notch employee onboarding experience by signing up for our free trial today.

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