Zimplats adopts SignEasy eSignature digital workflow to drive faster decisions

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Zimplats adopts SignEasy eSignature digital workflow to drive faster decisions

The Story

As Zimbabwe's leading mining company specialising in platinum group metals, Zimplats knows a thing or two about creating value. They pay particular attention to extracting mineral resources in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner, while keeping a close watch on employee safety. With a head office in Harare and three remote offices close to the mine, Zimplats frequently needs to pass paperwork from one location to the other.

  • Turnaround times reduced from weeks to minutes 
  • No more interoffice travel

The Challenge

Digital transformation - Remote work adaptation

Like countless other businesses, Zimplats relied heavily on hard-copy paperwork and in-person signing before COVID-19. If they needed a colleague to sign any kind of approval prior to the pandemic, the workflow went one of two ways: either they would hand-deliver the document to the recipient (which sometimes meant traveling between offices), or they would send a PDF via email.

In both cases, the signer was required to sign, scan, and return the document to the original sender via email or in-person drop-off. PDFs also required people to print before they signed.

When the Zimplats team was sent home in response to COVID-19, many people lost access to the tools required to complete the print-sign-scan runaround. In their absence, adopting eSigning became a crucial part of the company's digital transformation.

The Solution

With SignEasy, Zimplats' signature requests are completed 70% faster. Thanks to the Microsoft Outlook integration, document workflows have never been easier. Email attachments sent to managers can be signed without them ever leaving their Outlook inbox.  The result: increased efficiency, productivity, and faster decision-making.

Even after the team began heading back to the office, the need to travel between locations to collect signatures was completely eliminated. Using SignEasy as a document management hub, Zimplats keeps tabs on all of their documents in one place, so nothing ever gets lost in a pile of paperwork!

“Decisions are getting made faster with the help of SignEasy.”

-Manager, Zimplats

The Pain Point

As a mining company dealing with sensitive documents, Zimplats needed a solution to replace time-consuming mail and in-person drop-offs.

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