Anthony Carrino

A brief bio about Anthony

Anthony Carrino is an entrepreneur at heart – building businesses is something that he's been doing since college. While attending Babson, Anthony founded his own web development company, Intricate Design. In 2004, after graduating, he joined forces with his father to launch Brunelleschi Construction, a premier urban developer specializing in transforming underutilized buildings into dynamic residential and commercial properties.

By 2011, Anthony had landed his first TV show with his cousin John Colani on HGTV, and since then, the Kitchen Cousins have been revitalizing kitchens, resurrecting outdated homes on Cousins On Call, and surprising the families of local heroes with massive renovations on Cousins Undercover. Anthony also launched the show Out Of The Way, focusing on his passion for riding motorcycles and finding adventure. When Anthony is not fixing up homes on HGTV and expanding his personal empire, he can be found entertaining guests at one of his two restaurants in Jersey City; Carrino Provisions and Talde Jersey City.

Have you always enjoyed using technology? Do you consider yourself an early adopter?

I am definitely a self-proclaimed tech nerd… I love it! From gadgets to apps, I love testing new tech to determine whether it is truly useful and worth integrating into my life; I don’t do tech just for tech’s sake, I want it to add value by saving time, enhancing efficiency, or easing collaboration.

My latest dive into the tech pool was in my home, which I recently finished. I outfitted my home with a smart hub, WiFi light switches, a WiFi/Bluetooth door lock, a learning thermostat, smart carbon/smoke detectors, video surveillance, and HiFi wireless audio. I did a ton of research prior to these purchases to make sure the product mix would work together seamlessly and that all of the components were made by solid companies. Now, my entire home can be controlled from anywhere, and I have a great set of home tech to recommend to my private clients.

How did you discover Signeasy?

In all honesty, I was using another signing app and it just wasn’t doing it for me… it was clunky, and sharing documents after signing was a pain, so I searched the app store for another solution and I found Signeasy. I’m not sure if you’re still doing it, but when I downloaded the app, you gave new users four free signatures – it was enough for me to know that this was my signing app. The interface is clean and straightforward, the app runs fast, and I don’t think it is possible to open, sign, date, confirm, and send a contract in fewer taps. Needless to say, I was happy to buy additional signature packs once my free ones ran out.

Tell us about a typical workflow in your life that involves the use of Signeasy.

No two days are alike, and I am constantly on the go. When I receive a contract that I am still negotiating and needs work, I will open it in Pages if it is a doc with track changes, or I will open it in Notability if it is a PDF to highlight and add text boxes with notes. Then, it will get saved to Evernote so I have each contract iteration.

It's probably about 50/50 when it comes to whether I originate the contract or someone else does, so I use Signeasy to collect signatures as well as to simply sign a document. I use it from my iPhone when I know a doc is totally done and it's a quick signature, and for the times I need one last read before signing, I use my iPad for the extra screen real estate.

Tell us about the essential apps in your daily workflow.

The following are the apps that make my world run:

  • Evernote - the epicenter
  • Scannable - allows me to create a PDF out of any paper doc
  • Skitch - quick photo mark-up
  • Dropbox - all my files anywhere I am, anytime I need them
  • FieldLens - job site collaboration plus accountability at its finest
  • Sunrise - best calendar layout I have experienced
  • Notability - combining multiple single page PDFs to one cohesive document with heavy duty free-form sketching and highlighting tools
  • Signeasy - signing contracts

What benefits has Signeasy brought to your life?

The benefit is both a simple and powerful one: I don’t NEED to be in any specific place to sign deals anymore. It is hard enough getting clients scheduled for design meetings, paperwork should be easy… and in the TV world, forget it! People and brands are scattered across the globe, and with the old process of printing (waste paper), signing, scanning (degrade document quality), emailing, and then having the person on the other end of the deal do the same... by the time you get the document back, it is virtually illegible.

Beyond that, by combining the use of Evernote and Dropbox (where I have my various contract templates stored), I don’t need to get anyone else involved in the process. I simply pull the appropriate contract from the cloud, add the contract information and payment terms, open in Signeasy, then tap, tap, send. Done.

What do you appreciate the most about Signeasy?

Ease of use, and most recently, the new iOS integration. I’m a big Mailbox user so I’m able to eliminate a whole other step.

Tell us more about your experience with Signeasy's iOS integration.

This feature is so fantastic! As you can see, I use the majority of the apps that are compatible with this feature, so it has come in super handy. The first time I used it from within the Mailbox app, I think I had an actual smile on my face.