Arjun Pillai

A brief bio about Mr. Arjun Pillai

Arjun is the Co-founder and CEO of Profoundis, a company that operates in the fascinating domain of natural language processing and text analytics. Their website,, delivers holistic, accurate, and relevant prospect and customer information to improve enterprise sales and marketing productivity.

What does a day in Arjun’s life look like?

At Vibe, I handle partnerships, sales, and investor relations as my major job functions, along with several other responsibilities. Each day serves up something new and offers unique challenges to be addressed - there is no standard template for my day. I normally work with potential customers, partners, and investors, which requires me to handle tons of documents including presentations, NDAs, excel sheets, and more.

What do you love most about your profession?

Oh, I love everything about it! If I were to pick one thing that I love the most, it would be the constant learning facilitated by my profession. I get to meet people, travel, try new things, build teams, mess things up, and fail at times, and so on. So, every day I get to learn more than what I would have if I were in any other profession in the world. Every event is a learning experience and I appreciate it every single day.

What sort of paperwork do you encounter in your daily life?

I usually find myself working on NDAs, partnership agreements, and client agreements.

How did you discover Signeasy?

Sunil, the Founder & CEO, happens to be a good friend of mine and had recommended Signeasy to me in the past as a way to cut down on paperwork. So when I actually encountered paperwork problems in my day to day work, I thought of giving Signeasy a shot.

Where do you find Signeasy useful in your daily workflow?

The whole drill of printing, signing, and scanning documents is definitely cumbersome and tiring. In my case, it used to account for days of delay, since I endlessly procrastinated tackling the paperwork cycle. It goes without saying that delays are bad for a startup, or for that matter, any business. Signeasy eliminates this problem completely and has allowed me to get things moving faster. I also find the “request signature” feature pretty handy, as it lets me get documents signed by remote parties in a matter of minutes!

How has Signeasy impacted or improved things at work or outside work?

As I mentioned earlier, Signeasy has removed cumbersome paperwork and the hassles that surround it from my daily workload. In addition, I’m glad that I can now use fewer printouts, which saves quite a lot of paper. Today, we are using Signeasy as the company-wide standard.

How do you think individuals and businesses are benefiting from Signeasy?

Time is money in any business. Signeasy saves time, thereby helping businesses shift their focus to what is critical. It also quells the frustration related to paperwork – and the less frustrated I am, the more productive I can be.