Peter Gijselaers

A brief introduction to Peter Gijselaers

Peter Gijselaers launched Dirt Crew Recordings in 2004 with the goal of tapping relatively unknown artists and releasing quality music. The label is known for introducing newcomers to the scene and releasing high-profile albums.

What do you do for a living?

I run Dirt Crew, a record label company based in Berlin. I am currently working with over 50 artists, ranging from deep house to techno and electro/indie dance.

How does Signeasy fit into your life?

Signeasy is great; a friend recommended it to me. I use it at least 3-4 times a week to sign off on contracts and license agreements with artists and other indie and major record companies.

How has using Signeasy benefited you?

Before Signeasy, I always had to print out invoices, contracts, and licensing agreements at my office in order to sign them. After that, I had to scan each page and save it as a PDF before I could send it in an email. The process works much faster now, from 15 mins before I started using Signeasy to a maximum of 5 mins per document. But the best part is that I can use it on the road from my iPhone.

Has Signeasy ever come through to save the day?

Just now, when I was on holiday and only had my iPhone with me, I could still sign an important and urgent license request using Signeasy.