Roman Rytov,  Co-Founder and Chief Wheeling Officer, Wheely Grilly

A brief introduction to Roman Rytov

Roman Rytov is the Chief Wheeling Officer at Wheely Grilly, a grill-on-the-wheel food truck operating out of Atlanta, GA. After working in the IT industry for over 23 years, he switched to the entrepreneurial side of things and co-founded Wheely Grilly with his partner. As the CWO, his responsibilities include sales, marketing, and business development. The food truck is a prototype of their future restaurant business.

What does a day in the life look like?

I start my day at 6:30AM and skim through emails first, as there might be urgent emails to address. I also look into service inquiries I need to respond to as well as other interactions on social channels. This is how the early morning unfolds. During the day, if we have a shift where I work on my own, that occupies all of my time in the truck. If the trucks go out with crews staffing them, I often go along to talk to the customers and see for myself that everything is working well. I also take note of what can be improved.

What do you love most about your profession?

The fact that now, I'm my own boss, and responsible for the business end-to-end. Besides that, it's an extremely rewarding industry. We have at least one or two first-time customers who buy from the truck during a festival, and a couple of hours later, they come back to buy more food. This trend speaks to my partner's high-quality culinary skills and validates our strategy. To see immediate appreciation of your work is very meaningful.

What sort of paperwork do you encounter on a daily basis?

I'm always attentive to service inquiries since the speed with which we respond inbound customer requests is king. I complete application forms, send out our marketing materials, share references, and compose proposals adjusted for each customer. I use SignEasy a few times a day to complete various forms, as well as sign contracts and applications.

How did you discover SignEasy?

I once asked one of my customers to "print-sign-scan" a document and received his response a few seconds later. I was intrigued by the turnaround speed and asked for the secret behind it. The customer obliged and two minutes later, I purchased a SignEasy license for myself.

What is a typical workflow that you have improved with SignEasy?

Let's say you organize an event and are looking for food trucks to bid for a spot. You send an application form with lots of empty fields to complete. Each form is unique, and I complete all the relevant information: menu details, credit card numbers, signing with initials acknowledging certain policies, etc. I then attach more generic documents and any necessary links and send it off. There is nothing complex here, but the ability to respond faster by quickly filling out the documents and signing them is crucial.

How has it improved your life?

As I mentioned earlier, a major point of success in our business – besides high-quality food and customer service – is the speed of each response. In our case, it's measured by minutes, not hours. Without SignEasy, we simply couldn’t have been this fast, and we’d have lost a few deals. At times, it allows me to address the paperwork and sign documents first thing in the morning, well before I have actually started working. It empowers me to do my job anywhere.

What results have you experienced after using the SignEasy app?

Our reaction time is what differentiates us from other food trucks. When we send out an entire information package including signed forms within minutes of receiving an inquiry, , it creates an overall impression of professionalism and excellent execution. SignEasy has helped us deliver that professionalism to our customers. It helps save time and earn money. It is flawless and always works as expected.

How do you see SignEasy helping other people around you?

I'm planning to hire a person for booking, truck scheduling, and other operations, instead of working with vendors and suppliers. We'll then work together with SignEasy, and I'm sure it'll be up for the challenge.