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Multiple document format support, cloud integration, advanced security and more

Sign, fill and send documents

Import documents from email or the cloud. Sign and fill them in minutes. Email the completed documents or save them back to the cloud. Works with PDF, Word, Pages, Excel, JPG - almost any file format you use at work.

Cloud storage integration

Link your SignEasy account to the preferred cloud storage services to seamlessly import documents from the cloud, and save the signed documents for easy archiving.

Keep your documents and signature safe

Prevent unauthorized access with a passcode or fingerprint identification. Your files are stored using industry standard encryption and transmitted with 256-bit SSL.

Digital Audit Trail for legal evidence

Receive a digital log showing the email address of the signer, device IP address, time of signing and document fingerprint for evidence and peace of mind.

Self, In-Person and Remote Signing

Made for your business needs - whether it’s a contract you need to sign yourself. Or a sales contract to be signed by a customer on the field. Or an approval letter you need to get signed by your manager who’s halfway across the world.

Unlimited Signers

You can get signatures from as many people as you want on a document. This comes in handy when a contract involves many parties such as loan documents, NDAs, attendance sheets and etc.

Biometric Authentication

With Touch ID (iOS) and Nexus Imprint (Android) support, you can be rest assured that your files will be safe, and that no unauthorized person can execute a document from your account.

Take your paperwork anywhere

You can fill up your paperwork on an iOS, Android device or desktop and seamlessly switch between devices to carry forward your paperwork. All your files remain safe even if your device is lost or stolen.
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