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The world around us is quickly changing to cope with the health crisis brought on by COVID-19. As you are working from home, and practicing social distancing, you might be worried about keeping business going as usual.

SignEasy wants to do its part in helping small businesses and individuals during this difficult time. Companies and individuals across the globe use SignEasy to keep their documents in motion without a need to step out of the house. We understand that now, more than ever, you need a contactless, healthy way to keep those agreements moving.

And for that, we are offering:

Upto 30% off on desktop plans

Free upgrades and plan extensions to our small business customers

Free plans for 2 months to NGOs, or companies in education or healthcare

Want to know more about our discounts?

Reach out to us

Send an email to support@signeasy.com and mention COVID-19 in the subject line.

For Business plans, apply these coupon codes: COVIDRESPONSE30

You can continue to count on our super-responsive online support as always, on a 24/7 basis. We are happy to extend your trial or provide any consultation and guidance you need to sign your important documents.

Sunil Patro
Founder & CEO, SignEasy

Using electronic signature from the
safety of your home

A safe way to send documents

When social distancing is the norm, you can’t just step out to mail your documents. An electronic signature platform lets you send out documents for signing, and have them back within hours. Your important documents such as contracts, forms and agreements don’t need to wait as you can gather signatures online.

Secure, legal and reliable

Electronic Signatures are legal in most countries across the globe. An electronic signature platform will help you get into absolutely legal agreements. Globally used solutions such as SignEasy meet the highest levels of legal and security requirements.

Stay updated on document status

If things are getting stuck, you want to know where they are. While it’s not always easy to track the status of your documents over normal email,electronic signature platforms such as SignEasy tell you exactly where your document is, so you can nudge the signer and get it moving.

Be extra sure with facial recognition

Leading tools such as SignEasy accept Face ID as a second layer of authentication to your e-signature input. We capture your biometric authentication in document audit trails: yet another pillar that upholds our commitment to safe, secure, legally-binding e-signatures.