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Meet Signeasy AI, your intelligent partner for easy contract workflows. Simplify decision-making with AI Summary, Smart Q&A, and Key Terms Extraction.
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Sales agreement

Identify and understand critical contract terms

Get an overview of your contract by extracting key terms and clauses with Signeasy AI. Mitigate the risk of overlooking essential contract details, streamlining your contract review and approval process.

Software service agreement

Retrieve any contract information you need

Ask Signeasy AI questions and get instant answers to your contract-related queries. Retrieve the most relevant information from your contracts to speed up your review and analysis process.

Non disclosure agreement

Get instant summaries for quicker contract reviews

Use Signeasy AI to summarize your contracts, and get all essential information at your fingertips. Save time, reduce errors, and make informed decisions before sending or signing contracts.

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AI Sparkle symbol

Hear it from the early adopters

Vijay Rayapati

“This technology is capable of making complex negotiations much more manageable, allowing businesses to focus on the big picture.”

Vijay Rayapati | Founder and CEO

Kintan Brahmbhatt

“The Smart Q&A feature could simplify the often daunting task of understanding legal documents. It’s user-friendly and incredibly powerful.”

Kintan Brahmbhatt | Founder and CEO

Thiyagarajan M (Rajan)

"What if there were an AI that could assist by summarizing the document you are signing? If you wish to know more, it could take you to the right section of the document. With the new Signeasy AI features, that is exactly what you can do."

Thiyagarajan M (Rajan) | Managing Partner

Streamline your contract workflows with Signeasy AI

Boost productivity
Boost productivity
Reduce the time and effort it takes to review and analyze contracts. Do more with less.
Improve accuracy
Improve accuracy
Minimize human errors during contract review with precise and transparent data.
Scale up contracts
Scale up contracts
Effortlessly handle large volumes of contracts with minimal disruption as your business grows.
Mitigate risks
Identify potential issues and inconsistencies to reduce compliance risks and disputes.
Reduce costs
Time is money. Decrease the need for extensive manual reviews and associated costs.
Make decision
Make quick decisions
Get key information out of your contract instantly to make faster, informed decisions.
Ensure compliance
Ensure compliance
Adhere to international and industry-specific regulations as well as your internal policies.
Get started instantly
Get started instantly
Integrate AI-powered features in contract workflows with ease and minimal training.

Frequently asked questions

What is Signeasy AI?
Signeasy AI makes contract workflows smart by leveraging artificial intelligence. With features like Key Terms Extraction, AI Summary, and Smart Q&A, it helps you and your signers make informed decisions and save time and effort. 
How will Signeasy AI fit into my requirements?
The initial use cases we have built aim to simplify the contract review process. AI Summary and Key Terms Extraction help you and your signers quickly retrieve the critical information present in the contract. Smart Q&A helps you ask any question on the contract and get an intelligent response instantly. The AI workflows ultimately help you and your signers save time and effort.

We are interested in partnering with a select set of customers to research and build the right workflows that fit your use cases. If you want to be an early design partner for our AI roadmap, please enroll in the beta program.
Which technology does Signeasy AI use?
We are currently using Azure OpenAI to power the AI workflows. 
Is Signeasy AI secure and compliant?
To deliver the AI functionality, we leverage Azure OpenAI APIs. We will be sharing the content of your documents with third party AI API provider in the process. However, your data will not be used for training models. To read the full Terms of Use for Signeasy AI, please visit
How much does Signeasy AI cost?
Signeasy AI is currently being rolled out for free for a select set of customers.
How can I sign up for the beta program?
Signeasy AI is available for all Business and Business Plus customers. To enable it for your account, please visit this link.