HIPAA-compliant eSignature workflows for healthcare

Improve patient experience by going paperless and streamlining critical processes with ease

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Complete eSignature platform for healthcare professionals

Modernize expensive, paper-intensive business processes and improve patient experiences while ensuring complete trust and privacy.

Streamline processes

Automate your document signing workflows and eliminate delays due to paper-based processes. eSignatures also help reduce errors caused by manual data entry and lost documents. Benefit from the increased staff productivity which also enables them to spend more time with patients.

Ensure trust and privacy (HIPAA)

Adopt electronic processes in compliance with regulations and laws. Signeasy increases document security with secure encrypted eSignatures and ensures the privacy of the organization and patients with HIPAA compliance.

Reduce costs

Every year, the healthcare industry spends billions of dollars and thousands of hours manually sending, signing, and managing documents. Cut down costs through automating tedious tasks and create efficiencies that scale and reduce overhead.

Improve patient experience

Providers are unable to keep up with increased patient expectations due to antiquated processes and systems. eSignatures with Signeasy help you provide patients with a seamless online experience that is secure, digital, and mobile-friendly.

How Signeasy makes the signing process, painless?

Focus on real work, not paperwork

Rocket ship


We have eliminated all unnecessary steps and complexities from the signing process to help your teams get documents signed as quickly as possible.

Legally-valid and compliant

We offer legally-valid eSignatures with the same legal standing as a handwritten signature. Compliant with eIDAS, ESIGN Act, and other related regulations across the world.

Audit log and tracking

A detailed and legally-compliant audit log is generated for each signature. Here is a sample.
Here is a sample.

No “pay per document”

We do not believe in unpredictable, volume-based pricing. Our customers can request for unlimited signatures  and sign unlimited documents with any of our paid plans.

Templates & envelopes

We help you convert frequently used documents into reusable, customizable templates. You can also combine multiple documents into an envelope and get them signed together.


We are available and ready-to-use in Google Workspace, MS Teams, Slack, and other popular application ecosystems.

Mobile apps

Award-winning apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. With Signeasy, you can sign anytime, anywhere and on any device!
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Chupik Counseling transitions to tele-health with Signeasy.
Truepill processes prescriptions within minutes with the Signeasy API.
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