Samantha Fowler

A little background about Ms. Samantha Fowler.

Samantha works as an operations manager at Griffis Residential. Her expertise lies in property management, which she has been doing for 15 years. She currently oversees 9 multi-family communities located in the booming metropolis of Denver. In Samantha’s free time, she enjoys running, yoga, and mountain biking. She also takes courses online in the evenings, and will be graduating this year.

What does a day in the life look like?

Most days are packed! I oversee 9 apartment communities in Denver, and make important decisions on a daily basis for these multi-million dollar businesses. My days are packed with signing contracts and reviewing policies, as well as training, leadership, and quality control. I spend a lot of time on the road driving back and forth from my communities to my office in the Denver Tech Center. I am on the go all day with meetings, conference calls, and site tours.

What do you love most about your profession?

I love the variety in my career – every day is different. I work with so many great people, and that keeps me motivated! I spend my days responding to hundreds of emails, reviewing and negotiating contracts, participating in conference calls, conducting training classes, checking our product for quality control, and leading our teams. I am on the go 50-60 hours per week, in addition to studying in the evenings.

What sort of paperwork do you encounter as you go about your day?

Being responsible for 9 businesses, I encounter a lot of paperwork on a regular basis – and business is not going to stop when I am on the road or in a meeting. Since I am on the move, I cannot carry around a ton of paperwork. I also need to remain connected via mobile so that I can access documents on short notice. I review and sign contracts, employee personnel forms, homework, community design forms, and more.

How did you discover Signeasy?

When I started with my current company, I was overseeing 11 communities in 2 different markets and I was rarely in the office. I needed a convenient, quick way to sign and store documents without depending on paper or printers. I started searching for different options in the App Store, since I am an Apple fan. I carry my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook with me at all times. Signeasy looked seamless, was reasonably priced, and I loved that it provided the option to sign, store, and transfer documents to Dropbox.

Where do you find Signeasy useful in your daily workflow?

I am constantly on the road or in meetings and cannot hold up a contract or job because of my hectic schedule. I am easily able to respond to my managers and vendors on the go – even while I am in meetings – and review, sign, and store contracts. I have even signed contracts on my phone while having a business lunch! Even when I am in the office with access to printers and scanners, my preference is to review and sign contracts with Signeasy on my iPad!

Signeasy has ensured that I am efficient and professional. My managers need to be able to enforce contracts and initiate projects; they cannot be waiting on me to sign. Signeasy has made me more reliable in the eyes of my managers, which is very important to me.

How do you think individuals and businesses are benefiting from Signeasy?

Signeasy ensures that business professionals are efficient and professional while in the office or on the go. In this day and age, people are not in front of a computer 8 hours a day, and being able to rely on a tool like Signeasy is priceless. I have referred several associates to Signeasy, and they agree! I never experience glitches or errors with the Signeasy app, so I know that I am just as reliable as it is!