Stewart B. Jesse

A little background on Stewart Jesse

Stewart is a native of California. After graduating high school, he attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, and was subsequently commissioned as an officer in the United States Army. After serving in the first Persian Gulf War, he spent five years as a mathematics teacher. Stewart moved onto become a school administrator, and has held this position since 1998 at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. He is currently the Director at Glass City Academy, a public non-profit charter school in Toledo, Ohio that gives young adults a second chance at obtaining their high school diploma, while preparing them for the workforce.

What does a day in the life look like?

I generally reach school before the rest of the staff and the day begins with checking my emails. Once the staff starts arriving, I help them prepare for the day ahead. Then, as students arrive, I like to greet them at the door.

Once classes begin, I visit the classrooms to ensure that the students are receiving the best possible quality of instruction. Then, I head back to my computer to complete any reports that are coming due.

As school lets out, I stand outside in the parking lot and supervise the students as they leave. I then take care of any new emails that might have arrived during the day. Finally, I touch base with my staff members to ensure that they are ready for the next school day.

Once all of that is completed, I coach volleyball at both the High School and Club (travel) levels– most of the practices take place after school. After all of that, I go home to eat dinner and play Xbox One online with my twin brother.

What do you love most about your profession?

Working with students is something that I enjoy immensely. It is such a joy to see them learn, especially when they thought they couldn't achieve it.

What sort of paperwork do you encounter as you go about your day?

More than most people imagine! I have tons of emails to go through, reports to file with the Ohio Department of Education, health/fire/building inspection reports, financial audits, educator licensure audits, special education audits, letters of recommendation, Office of Civil Rights reports, employee leave requests...

How did you discover Signeasy?

I was looking for an app that would allow me to process all of my staff leave requests electronically instead of doing it manually. I searched the App Store, and Signeasy seemed to fit my requirements perfectly.

Where do you find Signeasy useful in your daily workflow?

With a lot of paperwork and no time to sit down and process it, I identified the need to find a more efficient way to go about completing these tasks. I use Signeasy every day to process my staff leave requests. What used to take days now takes minutes.

The paperwork used to have to be filled out by the staff member, turned in, seen by me the next day, signed by me, then put in my assistant's box, processed, then routed to the treasurer, seen the next day, signed, then sent back to the employee as verification.

Now, the staff member fills out the PDF form online and emails it to me directly. I sign it using Signeasy and send it via email to the treasurer for processing, as well as to the employee as confirmation that they may take the day off. It takes 30 seconds to one minute to complete the process, and there is an electronic record instead of a piece of paper that can get lost while being passed around.

How has Signeasy impacted or improved things at work or outside work?

Signeasy has made my workplace mobile. Because I can use Signeasy on my iPad, I can even take care of business when I am not at work. To cite one particularly helpful example, it has made processing leave requests simple, fast, and highly efficient, saving me and my staff members massive amounts of time.

How do you think individuals and businesses are benefiting from Signeasy?

In my opinion, businesses and individuals are best served by Signeasy when it’s time to go beyond traditional paperwork and speed up any process that involves a signature.