That Sheet of A4 Paper you Threw Away Cost the Earth 10 Litres of Water

World Environment Day Infographic

We’ve all written lovelorn poetry in the back of our notebooks when we were at University. Well, anything to get through dreary finance classes, yes? But when we tore away those sheets of paper to pass on to our friends and then watched it get tossed into the wastebasket in a mock slam-dunk, did we ever think of the cost of making those sheets of paper?


I know I never did. In those days, the environment wasn’t on my mind all that much.


But when I started Signeasy, the world was a different place. Rampant consumerism and consumption has made the world a place that doesn’t think much about what it is doing if there is no immediate financial impact. But that’s an illusion. The way we are using up Earth’s resources means that soon there will come a point when the things that we take so much for granted, like water on a tap, and gas on a pipe, and clean air to breath, will become commodities to be bought and sold like gold and oil. Why? Because we exploited them so much there isn’t anything left for the future.


At Signeasy, we like to think that by trying to move documentation and its accompanying activities to the electronic realm, with every little inch of paper that we help save, we are making a tiny dent in the onslaught towards oblivion. And so we encourage you to sign on and use Signeasy as well.


“… it is the small, every-day deeds of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.” – JRR Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings.If you think the infographic above is important enough to share, please do so. Remember, small dents.



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