All hail the System Administrator! Show appreciation easily

The last Friday of every July marks a day that your IT department is secretly hoping you remember: System Administrator Day, also known as SysAdmin Day. Signeasy has the perfect gift to show your appreciation.

Regardless of the industry you work in, System Administrators are often the silent and unsung heroes of every business.

They plan updates and security checks to run in the middle of the night as the office sleeps, geek up on the latest software so you don’t have to; install your office hardware; and find seemingly impossible solutions to an ever-expanding business website.

They understand everything from the inner workings of routers, RAM and radio frequencies to memory caches, cables and network configurations.

System Administrators are there when you can’t remember how the multimedia system works as a crucial client meeting is about to start, or when your device chooses to freeze on you or – worse still – show the Blue Screen of Death.

They are the fixers and on speed dial for when the world of technology lets you down.

SysAdmin Day: IT staff have feelings too

System Administrator Day, aka SysAdmin Day, was founded by one of these unsung heroes, Ted Kekatos, a Systems Engineer in Chicago, who was inspired by a Hewlett Packard advert that showed gifts being presented to the IT team for installing the latest HP printer model.

With a lightbulb moment, Ted the Techie cut out the advert and took it into his office to show what an appreciated IT team could look like, as an offshoot to Administrative Professionals Day (formerly known as Secretary’s Day).

The day was first launched in 2000, and since then it’s become a global movement. IT departments across Silicon Valley go weak at the knees as the day approaches.

Randomly, Russia fully embraces SysAdmin Day, with tented tech cities across an entire weekend of celebrations that even boast live music and – we imagine , vodka.

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SysAdmin Day provides a full 24 hours to share the love. While cake and ice cream is the recommended gift of choice and we would never suggest you ditch these sweet treats, the team at Signeasy does suggest you go that one step further.

The one truth System Administrators want you to know

Here’s the thing: most System Administrators secretly loathe paper, and curse the moment another dated file folder is snuck into the office, or out of the stationary closet.

They shudder at the thought of physical confidential information getting lost or floating through the neighborhood streets after all their encryption efforts to defend data electronically.

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So, if you wish to give your System Admins a really good gift then we are it: Signeasy.

Say thanks with Signeasy

Signeasy works across an array of documents – including PDFs – to request, send, collect, collaborate, share and securely store electronic signatures.

Imagine this: reduced paper, encrypted data, and safe and secure collection and storage of every crucial signed document you need, electronically.

Once you have signed up, Signeasy is an incredibly easy tool to use that takes a lot of the data protection and secure cloud storage burden away from the IT team.

Signeasy is Apple’s preferred electronic signature app and has even featured in an iPhone commercial!

You have the potential to actually reduce the IT department’s workload and while giving them peace of mind – how about that?!

Signeasy boasts a growing number of integrations with some of the most popular day-to-day applications your office already uses, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, Evernote and Zoho CRM.

Why not try Signeasy with a 15 day, no-strings-attached trial?

Take to twitter to thank your office techies with hashtag #SysAdminDay.

While you’re at it, why not send an e-card? (Seriously, a paper one might make the entire IT team break out in hives.)

From the team at Signeasy: Happy SysAdmin Day!

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