Better Together | Signeasy and Daylite

A Shared Philosophy

Making deep, lasting connections in a crowded room is difficult, but those who’ve met future best friends on a playground, future business partners at a conference, or future soulmates in a bar know the feeling. And that’s exactly how we at Signeasy feel, having met Daylite CRM in the vast “room” that is SMB SaaS.

Though we come from two different sides of that room, we share some important beliefs:

  • Software for SMBs should be purpose-built, not pared-down versions of enterprise platforms
  • ‘Working from anywhere’ creates new opportunities and challenges for SMBs to navigate, and their vendors to address
  • Employees are facing new personal challenges, too, and it is important to support them through those
  • ‘Disruption’ is something you can do to competitors, NOT to customers

These shared values gave rise to a new partnership, pairing Daylite’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution with Signeasy’s mobile-first eSignature offering, to help make the lives of our customers, their employees, and their own customers just a little bit easier.

As we’ve gotten to know each other, Signeasy and Daylite have realized that we have even more in common: We are both mobility partners of Apple, each supporting Apple’s latest feature releases (such as iOS 14 and iPad OS 14). And both companies have done significant self-reflection during the pandemic, realizing that the noticeable increase in demand for our solutions stems from their ability to make working from anywhere easier and more enjoyable.

Thus, a happy integration was born… 

Work from Anywhere from Any Device (WFA/WFAD)

As with any change, working from anywhere, and working from any device, were not without their challenges, needing strong support networks: 

  • Colleagues, figuring this out along with you
  • Vendors, providing the tools for your business to make necessary adaptations
  • Partners, uniting in recognition of changing customer needs

No matter what your WFA/WFAD situation, the support networks you’ve built will help guide you through the unprecedented times we now find ourselves in. 

Better Together 

As relationships evolve, shared goals and interests deepen and expand. Once we realized how the share-functionality on iOS/iPadOS allowed the passing of documents across the two solutions, we saw just how much we could offer our customers. Together: 

  • Signed documents and audit trails automatically attach to opportunities, people, or businesses in the Daylite CRM application.

  • Client data, documents, deal statuses, and the next steps can all live in one place. 
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  • Transitions from “deal” to “project” happen instantly, automatically assigning tasks to the appropriate team or employee. 

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Want to see Daylite in action? Take a tour of Daylite here!

In the spirit of supporting our mutual and respective customers, Signeasy and Daylite have built out our integration, committed to deepening it for the sake of those customers. 

Check out this short demo video if you want to learn more about how the integration can help your business:

And this is only the beginning! Just as friendships become circles, partnerships become companies, and romances become families, software integrations become ecosystems. In Daylite, Signeasy has found a CRM partner that will be an integral part of the SMB-centric integration ecosystem we continue building every day.

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