Signeasy is now fully integrated with Google Docs

Write, collaborate, and send off for signature, all without having to leave Google Docs 

If you use Google Docs on the daily, you already understand the value of reducing friction within your workflow. Why attach individual Word files to an email if you can simply click “Share” on a Doc and achieve the same effect, right?

Well, that’s the idea behind Signeasy’s updated Google Workspace integration. Instead of downloading your Google Docs files to your computer as a PDF, re-uploading them to Signeasy, and processing your eSignatures that way, you can now take care of the entire process without having to leave Google Docs!

What’s new?

Your first stop will be the Google Workspace Marketplace to download the free Signeasy add-on or to create your Signeasy account here. Once it’s installed and you head back to Google Docs, our logo will be added to the right-hand sidebar. That’s where you’ll go to access Signeasy’s self-sign and signature request features.

In both cases, the add-on will automatically redirect you to your Signeasy account in a new tab, with the Google Doc’s contents already auto-populated within the eSigning window. 


How does this feature benefit me?

Signeasy for Google Docs is everything we strive to deliver as a top eSignature provider: an intuitive, seamless experience that is the total opposite of bloated or clunky.

As soon as you’re finished collaborating on documents, contracts, and agreements, you can hop right into the eSigning process with a single click. No need to toggle between windows, no need to export files, no need to upload anything. 

Collaborate with absolutely anyone

Google Docs are living, breathing files that typically involve multiple contributors. They go through tons of iterations, edits, and updates – some internal, some external. In the spirit of facilitating boundless collaboration, Signeasy offers a similarly inclusive experience.

Our users have the ability to collaborate with absolutely any Google Docs user, including those that don’t have a Signeasy account. When it’s time to request an eSignature from a third party using our Google Docs integration, the same applies: signers don’t need to create an account to access your signature request link.

Eliminate costly errors

Real-time collaboration is the glue that holds any distributed work culture together. But what happens when one team member makes a change after another has already downloaded the PDF to be sent out for signature? 

Best case scenario: The discrepancy is caught in time and fixed, a new PDF is generated, and the document is uploaded to send once again. 

Worst case scenario: It’s already out! The only way to rectify the error now is by sending a new document to the recipient and creating inbox clutter (not to mention confusion).

With Signeasy for Google Docs, you can stop this problem from happening in the first place! Collaboration continues until the moment someone hits “send,” so you can be confident that no matter what, the final version is the only one the recipient will ever see!

Let’s get started

If you’re already a Signeasy user, you can head to the Google Workplace Marketplace right away to download the add-on.

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