Here’s why eSignatures are a must-have for financial services

Investment brokers, wealth managers, and other financial services professionals come into contact with dozens (if not hundreds) of documents every week. Opening a new account, collecting client information, transferring funds, and many other essential functions frequently require airtight documentation that must be signed by one or more parties. In the world of financial services, paper makes the world go ‘round – not just money.

So, how are you supposed to stay on top of all your paperwork, leaving no sheet un-filed, while projecting an air of professionalism and class to your clients? With eSignatures, of course.

Speed up internal processes

Email revolutionized snail mail in the same way that eSignatures have one-upped wet ink signatures. Going digital with your documentation instantly eliminates all the unnecessary steps in the paperwork runaround.

Instead of printing, signing, scanning, and sending agreements and contracts, you only need one device (your laptop, tablet, or smartphone) to perform all the functions necessary to fill out a document from start to finish. No more paper jams or crooked scans holding you back.  

Have you ever left a document on a colleague’s desk, only for it to get lost in the shuffle? Don’t lose another minute to disorganization: instead, request signatures from partners and coworkers directly through SignEasy, and complete transactions in record time. You can even send convenient reminders if you’re waiting on someone’s signature.

Go global

Whether your client is sitting right across from you or vacationing on the other side of the world, eSignatures build bridges that span cities, continents, and oceans. Digitizing your paperwork is especially useful when you’re dealing with high net worth individuals, who are more likely to travel for business.

The right eSignature software makes it easy to send and receive documents to and from anyone, from anywhere, and turn them around in no time. Additionally, if you work for a bank or firm that has offices or branches in multiple locations, you’ll get to enjoy all of these benefits in a professional context as well.

Provide a high-class experience

These days, “high-tech” is synonymous with professional, sleek, and convenient. Who wouldn’t want to offer that kind of experience to their clients?

In-person: when handling contracts, agreements, and other documents, hand your client a tablet and stylus instead of sliding paper and a pen across your desk. People assume they’ll need to leaf through tons of paperwork whenever they visit their wealth manager or financial advisor, so this is your chance to exceed expectations.

By correspondence: a single email can accomplish just as much as a stack of papers sent via post. Don’t bog your clients down – simply request their signature using SignEasy and wow them with a streamlined experience they can enjoy from the comfort of a digital device (whether they’re on iOS or Android).

Keep everything under lock and key

Your clients’ personal data should be treated with just as much care as they money they entrust to you. That’s why your chosen eSignature software should act as a digital vault for your information.

SignEasy includes the following security features to keep your identity and data safe and sound:

– SSL encryption each time you sign, import, or finalize a document

– Data is stored using US-based Amazon AWS servers with multiple security safeguards

– GDPR compliance



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