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Soumya Tripathi on the rise of password-less authentication

Join the conversation with cybersecurity leader, Soumya Tripathi from EY, about the move towards password-less authentication, its benefits, and industry adoption.

Monalisa Rath
Monalisa Rath
March 8, 2024
 min read
Soumya Tripathi on the rise of password-less authentication

Frequently asked questions

What are the best ways to remember passwords for 10 - 15 documents or accounts?
Soumya: Storing passwords in a notepad or plain text file is a big no-no. The recommended solution is to use a reputable password manager. Password manager lets you store all your passwords safely.
Are password-less authentication methods like biometrics and one-time codes primary or secondary authentication factors?
Soumya: Password-less authentication methods are rapidly used as the primary authentication factor. They offer a more secure and convenient way to access sensitive data without relying on traditional passwords.
Can multi-factor authentication (MFA) be password-less?
Soumya: Yes, MFA can be implemented using password-less methods. Instead of using one password as a factor, you can combine different password factors like OTP, biometrics, and authentication.
Monalisa Rath
Monalisa Rath
Monalisa Rath is a Content Specialist at Signeasy, where she brings customer stories to life. Aside from eSignature workflows, she loves to talk about animals, flowers, mountains, and anything else that makes this world a beautiful place to live.
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