Frequently Asked Questions

Know the app

How many people can sign a document?

A total of 3 signers (including the account holder) can sign on a given document. For a different document, you can entirely have another group of 3 different signers. If you need more signatures, reimport the finalized document back to Signeasy and use the 2nd and 3rd person signature options.

Can I sign multiple times on a given document?

You can sign as many times as you want on a document.

Other than signing, can I also fill a document with other relevant information?

You can insert date, time and any text or image on the document. On iPhone/iPad version you can also insert buttons and checkmarks.

What type of document formats are supported by Signeasy?

Signeasy supports PDF, MS-Office (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT), Open-Office, Text, HTML, RTF, CSV, images (JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF) and Apple Pages format.

How to's

How do I start using Signeasy?

After downloading Signeasy app, create an account with a valid email address. Login to create your signature and save it. Open the demo file or import your document, insert your signature, initials, date and more. Finalize the document and within seconds, you can email it to anyone you wish.

How do I import a document into Signeasy?

To import a document sent to you as an email attachment, simply tap on the attachment and select Signeasy as the 'Open In' app option. Alternatively, you may also forward it to [email protected], make sure to send it from the email ID set as your Signeasy username. You may also import a document from your Box, Dropbox or Evernote accounts, after opening the document in any of these file storage apps, select the option of "Send to" or "Export to" and then tap on Signeasy. Once imported successfully, the document will appear in 'My Documents' in Signeasy app. If you do not see it, please refresh the screen by swiping your finger vertically downwards on "My Documents" screen.

How do I fill and sign a document?

Select the document, tap on "sign" and select the page number you wish to go to. Position the screen on the place where you want to insert a signature, date or text. Tap the "pen" icon at the top and select from various options. Use your finger to position the item and the slider to resize it before tapping "Save". Follow the above process for as many items as you wish to insert. At the end, tap the "Finish" button to generate the final signed document.

How do I select my choice of color for signature or text?

On the My Signature screen. After saving your signature, tap on 'Color' at the bottom.

How do I scroll the document and position my signature on the exact location?

On the iPhone app, you can use the arrow buttons at the bottom to scroll up/down or left/right. On the iPad app, you will not need scrolling as the screen is large enough to show the full document page. Use your finger to drag the signature or any item to position it on the right place.

How do I increase or decrease the signature size?

After you draw a signature or type a text, a slider bar appears at the top of the page to resize the item to fit the space requirements.

How do I store default settings for signature color, text format and date format?

Tap the 'Settings' icon at the upper left corner of the main screen. Personalize your text settings by choosing text style, color and font size. You can also choose date format and the signature color.

How do I save my settings for personal info such as name, company, initials and etc.?

Tap the 'Settings' icon at the upper left corner of the main screen. You can enter your name, company, initials and create your own custom label such as: Title, Address, City etc. When you wish to insert them on a document, after tapping on pen icon and selecting text. tapon the person icon and select your choice.

How do I set a passcode lock for my signature?

Tap the 'Settings' icon at the upper left corner of the main screen of Signeasy and scroll down to the 'Security' section. We strongly encourage you to protect your account by setting a passcode.


How much does it cost?

The free account comes with 3 documents to sign. Upgrade to the Pro plan for signing unlimited documents, cloud storage integration (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Evernote) and offline signing at an annual subscription of 39.99 US$. Alternatively, you can buy pay-as-you-go document credits for 10 documents at 4.99 US$. This plan is for individual professionals only. For business and enterprise users, please check our volume licensing details below.

How do document credits work?

For pay-as-you-go plan, one document credit is good for signing one document. There is no limit to the number of signatures, text or other items you can insert. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the Pro subscription plan for signing unlimited documents with many other powerful features.

How do I upgrade my account or buy more credits?

Go to Settings screen of Signeasy app to upgrade to Pro plan or buy more document credits.

Do you have a volume licensing program?

Please email your details to [email protected] and we will get in touch.

Importing and Downloading Documents

I am trying to import a document, but it shows me an error.

Please check the format of file first. Signeasy supports PDF, MS-Office (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSZ, PPT), TEXT, RTF, HTML and commonly used image formats (JPG, BMP, PNG). If you are on a poor internet connection over WiFi or 3G, it may cause a failure in importing the file successfully.

I am trying to import the document to Signeasy but it is taking too much time.

Either your file size is larger than few MBs or your internet connection is slow. In these cases, it may take longer time to upload the document. So, be patient or try to import it on a faster internet connection. Alternatively, you may import by sending the document as an attachment to [email protected] from your registered Signeasy email address.

I imported a document into Signeasy, but cannot find it inside the app.

Refresh the 'My Documents' screen by swiping your finger from top to bottom. If the file does not show up please check that the file name does not contain international characters other than roman alphabet letters. If this is the case please rename the document and try importing it again. We are working on supporting additional alphabets on a future release of the app.

I did not receive the signed document back in my email inbox after signing it successfully.

Sometimes, the emails from Signeasy may end up in your Junk folder due to spam settings from your email provider. To ensure delivery of these emails, please add [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] to your address book.

Technical Issues

I am trying to make an in-app purchase and I am getting a message saying I have to download the app first. What can I do?

You might have used a different Apple ID when you downloaded the app, than the one you are trying to buy the credits with. To disassociate it from your previous Apple Id please delete and reinstall the app and try the purchase again.

When I try to sign the document, it asks for password.

Many Corporates or other entities sometimes protect their confidential documents with a password for viewing. If you wish to open and edit the document in Signeasy, the password must be provided by the person who has sent or created the document.

After I open the document in Signeasy to sign, it rotates or shifts to landscape view.

This is a known issue for some PDFs appearing with their orientation rotated, we are looking into it. We plan to support the "Rotate" functionality in future.

The app freezes or crashes. What should I do?

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please email us the details of how the app crashed and what you were doing at that point of time to [email protected] along with the document details.

How can I edit/delete a signature or any other entry?

You cannot delete or change an entry once a document has been finalized. If you are still working on the document and wish to delete an entry you just inserted tap the 'Undo' button. Otherwise, please tap the "reset" button to start all over again.

I cannot draw my signature properly.

If you are using a particular type of screen protector on your iPhone or iPad, you may have problems in drawing signatures with your finger.You should consider various styluses available in the market. We recommend to checkout

I need assistance. How do I report an issue?

Send an email to [email protected] explaining the issue in detail with the following information: email associated with your Signeasy account, the device and operating system you are using, the name of the document. If you received an error message please attach a screenshot.

Account Related Issues

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

Click on "Forgot Password" link in the login screen of Signeasy app or click the link here: Enter your Signeasy account email ID and you will receive an email with a link to set a new password.

How do I change my password?

Go to the settings screen of Signeasy app, tap the item named "Logged In" that shows current user name and then tap the option for "Reset Password". You will receive an email with a link to set a new password. If you have forgotten your existing Signeasy credentials, you can also click on "Forgot Password" link in the login screen of Signeasy app.

How do I change the email associated with my Signeasy account?

Go to the settings screen of Signeasy app, tap the item named "Logged In" that shows current user name and then tap the option for "Change Email address ". Enter your current Signeasy password and the new email address that you want to set with your Signeasy account. You will receive a confirmation email in your new email address with a link to confirm the change of your account email address.

How can I delete my Signeasy account?

Send an email with the subject line 'delete account' to [email protected] by including your Signeasy email address and the reason for canceling your account.

Security and Privacy

Are e-signatures legally binding?

Electronic signatures are legally binding in many countries worldwide including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Eurpean Union and many others. Please refer to Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) , Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and European Directive (EC/1999/93) for more details.

Does your server store my signature?

Signatures created with Signeasy are not uploaded and stored on the server. The digital signature of each account holder is stored only on the mobile device where it was created. The signature passes through the server, along with all other elements inserted on a given document, only when you agree to generate a final document as all signed documents are generated using server side

Does your server store my client's signature?

When a third person signs documents using your device, their signature is neither stored permanently on your device nor on the server. As soon as the final document is generated, their signature is deleted from the device.

Does your server store my documents?

Your documents are stored on secure servers once they are imported and/or signed with Signeasy. To remove them from the server simply delete the desired documents on the app.

Can anyone else access my documents?

Every request to our servers is authenticated with your user credentials. Keep your password secret and remember to logout of the app after using Signeasy.

What additional security measures can I take to protect my Signeasy signature and documents?

Stay safe and set a passcode for your Signeasy account from the 'Settings' menu. For added security set a passcode also for your mobile device. If at any moment you lose sight of it, you know that your documents cannot be accessed and/or misused.

Is the transfer of data secure?

Signeasy uses industry standard SSL technology to encrypt all data transfer between the Application on your device and our servers. Your data is safe and secure.