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From scan to email: steps to email your scanned documents

Scan to email automatically scans your document and attaches to an email What If your scanner doesn't have the feature?, Signeasy shows how.

Team Signeasy
Team Signeasy
June 16, 2023
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From scan to email: steps to email your scanned documents

Frequently asked questions

Can you scan documents and email them?
Yes, it is possible to pick the scan to email option, where documents can be sent to an email address directly from the scanner printer. Else, you could save the scanned image on a mobile or desktop and then use Signeasy to scan and email the file.
What does it mean to scan and email?
Newer scanners and copiers have a feature where they can directly scan a file, convert it into a PDF file, and send it to one or more email recipients. This feature is called scan to email.
Can I scan a document with my phone?
Most smartphones come with apps such as Google Drive (Android) and Notes (iOS) that use the built-in camera to capture and scan the document.
How do I scan something on my printer?
Follow the below steps to scan your documents on your printer: 1. Ready your hard copy by placing it on the scanner glass or feeder. 2. Choose the Scan to Email option on the printer. 3. Hit the Scan button. 4. Edit the scanned image by choosing Photo Size before saving or sending it onwards.
How to attach your document to an email?
You can attach your document to an email by following the below steps: 1. Open your email app. 2. Click on New Message or the + symbol. 3. Click the paperclip icon and select the scanned document that you need to attach. 4. Enter the recipient’s email address, subject line, and message. 5. Click Send.
How to scan and email a document?
Follow the below steps to scan and email a document: 1. Open Signeasy app on your mobile device. 2. Create a new document by tapping the "+" button at the bottom center of the screen. 3. Choose the "Scan" option from the list. 4. Align your document in the camera viewfinder and take a photo by tapping the camera icon. 5. For multiple pages, take photos of each page until you have captured all necessary pages. 6. Tap the "Done" button in the upper right corner when you're done capturing pages. 7. Use editing tools to crop or adjust the document if needed. 8. Save the document by tapping the "Save" button in the upper right corner. 9. Open the newly created document by tapping on it. 10. Tap the "Share" button in the upper right corner. 11. Select the email option from the sharing options. 12. Enter the recipient's email address and any additional information for the email. 13. Send the document via email by tapping the "Send" button. That’s it! You have successfully scanned and emailed a document using Signeasy.
Team Signeasy
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