Introducing Signeasy’s eSignature add-on for HubSpot

In sales, success is often defined by how quickly sales teams can close a deal and how smooth the customer experience is. Yet, paperwork and contract back and forth often complicate sales workflows by wasting time and introducing errors, leading to missed opportunities.

For simplified contract workflows and a delightful customer experience within HubSpot sales hub, we are thrilled to introduce Signeasy for HubSpot. 🚀

Our latest integration streamlines contract workflows and management, helping sales teams get rid of paper-based contracts. HubSpot, a global leader in CRM, paired with Signeasy’s eSignature and contract workflow capabilities, not only accelerates contract closure rates but also improves team productivity, which is essential for growing sales teams to outpace and prosper. 

Here are five key benefits that Signeasy’s eSignature add-on brings to HubSpot users:

Save time in contract preparation with reusable templates 

HubSpot Send for signature

Creating contracts from scratch is time-consuming and prone to errors. Signeasy’s eSignature integration with HubSpot simplifies this process with ‘Templates’.

Whether it’s contracts, agreements, NDAs, proposals, or any other document, you can upload the file once, add the necessary fields, and save them as templates. When you need to send the document to a lead again, you can quickly access it within HubSpot and send it for signature. 

Templates remove the need to manually create contracts every time, allowing you to work smarter and increase productivity. 

Auto-populate contracts with HubSpot data

HubSpot Template mapping

Manual data entry is time-consuming and leads to inaccuracies and delays in your contract workflows.

With Signeasy’s HubSpot add-on, you can import customer details like names, company information, and other deal data points in your contract directly from HubSpot. 

Automating data transfer ensures that your documents are always accurate, up-to-date, and reflect the latest customer information. 

This results in a more streamlined and error-free document management process, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters – closing deals and growing your business. 

Get real-time visibility into your contract’s progress

HubSpot Easy to track

Gain invaluable insights into your customers’ interactions. You can keep tabs on important details, like when they open your contracts, how long it takes for them to sign, and all the steps in between.

You can also send automated reminders if the lead doesn’t reply within the designated time window. You save time by avoiding the need to personally contact them or manually draft a follow-up email. 

HubSpot Close

Once the lead signs the deals, you’ll receive an instant notification of the completion. 

Organize contracts within HubSpot for easy storage and retrieval

Store all your signed confidential business agreements in HubSpot, such as NDAs, proposals, invoices, and more, with secure 2FA authentication. 

You can easily retrieve them whenever you need to revisit HubSpot contracts or signed documents. They are automatically linked to the HubSpot record they originated from. This keeps all your records organized and easily accessible for every team member.

Keep your contracts secure and eSignatures compliant

HubSpot Compliance

With Signeasy, you can trust your documents are handled securely. No matter where you are in the world or what industry you belong to, you can be confident that your documents are treated with the utmost security and compliance.

Our software complies with HIPAA, SOC 2, and international acts and regulations, such as ESIGN and eIDAS.

Signeasy + HubSpot = Delightful sales contract workflows 

For HubSpot users, this add-on acts as the easiest way to send signatures, track contract status, and manage contracts within the familiar interface of HubSpot, where all their work happens. Sales teams can finalize contracts and expedite deal closures within the CRM while improving efficiency and customer experience. 

Signeasy is easy to learn and use, secure, and compliant for businesses across the globe. 

Wondering how to get started? Here are two quick ways 

  1. Install Signeasy app in your HubSpot account via HubSpot Marketplace. 
    • Open HubSpot App Marketplace.
    • From the category section, navigate to the Sales Enablement category and search for Signeasy.
    • Install the Signeasy add-on.
HubSpot add-on
  1. Install the HubSpot integration on the Signeasy workspace:
    • Login to your account from
    • Click Integration option from the top menu bar.
    • Look for ‘HubSpot’ integration card and click on ‘Try Now’.
    • You will be redirected to the authorization page of HubSpot.
HubSpot Login

Need additional help? Check out our detailed support article.

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