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Consulting Proposal Template


A consulting proposal is a document that is drawn out by a consultant for a prospective client to communicate the terms and conditions of project collaboration. In general, a consultant starts making the consulting proposal after an initial conversation with the potential client about the project.

The consulting proposal dictates the project definition in which the consultant will collaborate and the various terms and conditions of the work. Some of the elements included in a simple consulting proposal template are an executive summary, an introduction to the consulting company, the scope of the project, objectives, deliverables and its timelines, and pricing among other terms and conditions.

Executive Summary

An executive summary offers a short one-page summarisation of the complete project. This section of the consulting proposal template is intended for the executive management of the client as well as the consulting company who might not have a lot of time available to read the entire document. It highlights the main pain points of the client and the consulting company’s strategy to fix them.

About us

Typically, a company receives a lot of proposals for a project from various consulting companies. There is a chance that the company doesn’t know about you or your work as a consultant. This section of a business consulting proposal template gives an introduction to the consulting company. It talks about the purpose, mission, vision, and values of the company.

It also describes how your consulting firm is best for the job. For this, you can add a few previous work examples and client testimonials in this section. This section of the consulting proposal template should not be stretched too long and should focus primarily on what are the advantages of collaborating with you on the project.

Previous Work

This subsection demonstrates previous similar work experiences that will help you to excel in the project at hand. You can give examples of two or three projects that you have worked on in the past.


This subsection contains some positive client feedback that will allow you to attract new clients. Try to make sure that the testimonials you add depict your strengths and advantages as a consultant.


The Project Scope (also referred to as the project outline) describes all the tasks and activities of a project that you will perform as a consultant for a certain consultancy fee. This section of the consulting service proposal template is very crucial because it will be used as a reference for client expectations of deliverables.

For instance,

  1. Suppose a consulting company is hired as a software consultant by a client. This section needs to discuss the various features and functionalities of the project, or
  2. If a consulting company is hired as a marketing consultant by a client, they need to outline all the tasks that will be carried out to improve the marketing strategy, etc.

It is recommended to be very specific while outlining the scope of a consulting proposal template because if your work deviates from the scope, you will need to refer to this section to get back on track. You might also end up wasting time and resources if the project scope is not clearly defined.


A consulting service proposal template must contain the main project objective of the client. It indicates your understanding of the project scope to the client. Typically, a good project objective includes an indicator or metric that could be measured at the end of the project. For instance, if you are working on a marketing project, the objective could be framed as ‘To implement a new marketing strategy that improves the click-through rates by 10 per cent.’


In this section of a business consulting proposal template, you need to list all the deliverables of the project. You need to understand the customer expectations of the project to outline this section efficiently. This section helps to divide a project into smaller milestones which are reached by submitting specific deliverables. You need to make sure that the project deliverables are detailed clearly to avoid confusion and conflict at the latter stage of the project.

Project Timelines

A simple consulting proposal template tries to manage the timeline expectations of the project in a realistic manner. The timeline section includes information such as:

  • Commencement of the project?
  • Ending of the project?
  • Major milestones in between the project?

If the project is particularly long, it is recommended to implement checkpoints for accomplished tasks and activities. This section of the consulting service proposal template helps you to organize your time and resources for the project in a better way. If the project timeline is correctly defined, it will help the clients to keep track of the progress of a project.

You can also utilize the major milestones defined in this section to request partial payments of consultancy fees. However, you shouldn’t stuff in a lot of milestones since it will make the workflow rigid.


The pricing section of the business consulting proposal template includes the details regarding your consultancy fees. You need to describe how much you are charging the client for the project and how much each element of the project cost. You can also specify the acceptable payment methods, due dates for payment, and other relevant payment terms and conditions.

For instance, if you charge an advance payment of 30 percent of the total payment, you need to mention it in this section of the consulting proposal template.

Contract Terms

There are two ways to onboard a client, either the consultant can send a proposal first for client approval and then send a final contract for signature or the consultant can send a proposal with the contract terms and agreements.

A simple consulting proposal template can contain the contract terms between the consultant and the client. Here, you need to include terms and conditions of situations like cancellation, payment terms, etc.


This is the final section of a consulting proposal template that includes the name of the consultant and the client, the consulting company name and client name, the signatures of both parties, and the date of signature. This part binds both parties into a contractual agreement from the date of signature.

Fee Structure:

Within this section, the overall fee structure for the consulting services provided is outlined. It encompasses various details, such as the pricing model utilized, which may include factors like hourly rates, fixed project fees, or a combination of both. The fee structure aims to be transparent and easily understandable, offering a comprehensive overview of how the consulting services will be billed.

Cost Breakdown:

This section delves into a comprehensive breakdown of the costs associated with the consulting services. It provides a detailed itemization of different cost components, including but not limited to labor costs, expenses for materials or equipment, travel expenses, and any other relevant costs. By presenting a line-by-line breakdown, clients gain a clear understanding of the specific cost elements involved in the project.

Billing Schedule:

The billing schedule segment specifies the timing and frequency of the invoicing process. It clearly delineates when and how invoices will be generated and issued to the client. The billing schedule can be based on specific milestones tied to project phases or deliverables, or it can follow a regular billing cycle such as monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. The inclusion of a well-defined billing schedule assists in managing client expectations concerning payment timing.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

Within this section, the specific terms and conditions related to payment are outlined. It encompasses details such as acceptable payment methods, including options like bank transfer or credit card. Additionally, it clarifies the currency in which payments should be made and provides information on any relevant policies such as late payment penalties or discounts for early payment. Furthermore, the section may indicate the due date for payments and any required advance payments or retainer fees.


1. How long should a consulting proposal be?

It is recommended to limit your consulting proposal to a maximum of 5 pages. It is supposed to be a clear and concise document that does not seem overwhelming to the client.

2. How do you end a consulting proposal?

You can end the consulting proposal with a thank you note for the client and a friendly conclusion. In this part, you can also provide your contact information to the clients in case they have any questions regarding the proposal.

3. How do you structure a consulting project contract?

The consulting project contract must contain all the essential elements such as an executive summary, an introduction to the consulting company, the scope of the project, objectives, deliverables and its timelines, and pricing among other terms and conditions.

4. How do you write a consultancy brief?

You can write a consultancy brief by referring to free consulting proposal templates available online or employ the following steps:

  • Write an executive summary
  • Highlight why you are the best to complete the project
  • Online the project scope and deliverables
  • Specify a realistic timeline for all the deliverables
  • Mention the pricing of the project
  • Mention the other terms and conditions of the agreement
  • Ensure to keep the brief concise and specific

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