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Sponsorship Proposal Template


This event sponsorship proposal is created for anyone who wants to propose a sponsorship contract for an event. Remember that this is a marketing proposal and that any potential sponsor will consider it as an investment in marketing, whether you are looking for corporate sponsorship or partnering with a nonprofit.

These templates and e-signatures are important tools for businesses and organizations to streamline and simplify their processes. Templates provide a standard format for creating documents, such as proposals and contracts, which can save time and ensure consistency. E-signatures, on the other hand, provide a secure and efficient way to sign documents electronically, without the need for physical signatures.

When used together, templates and e-signatures can provide a powerful combination for businesses and organizations. Templates ensure that the necessary information is included in the document and that it is presented in a consistent and professional manner. E-signatures, on the other hand, ensure that the document can be signed quickly, easily and securely. This can be especially beneficial for remote teams or when working with clients in different locations.

The sponsorship request must strike a chord with the potential sponsor while creating an event business proposal. Remember that you are introducing yourself, what you "bring to the table," and why the goods or services of your target market ought to be connected to your event as you fill out this sponsorship proposal.

Event Information Announcement

A sponsorship proposal is a formal request for financial support that is made to possible sponsors before projects and events. In essence, it serves as a document in which your company seeks to persuade a sponsor or investor of the merit of your proposal.

You are not required to inform them that you compared them to other options. However, be sure to highlight the most important, convincing reasons why, based on your research, you'd be a good fit. Instead of just listing potential benefits, express your intentions in a concrete way that demonstrates how you plan to add value.

An event announcement is a strategy to publicize your upcoming event and increase its visibility among your target audience. The use of an event announcement is the appropriate response. Although it promotes your event rather than items, it is similar to a conventional promotion.

About us

A corporation typically receives numerous sponsorship proposals from various businesses. There is a possibility that the business is unaware of you or your efforts as a sponsor. This portion of a sponsorship proposal form provides an overview of the event. It discusses the event's goal, mission, vision, and values, including the basic background information of the company. 

It also explains how your event stands out from those of competitors. This part of the sponsorship proposal template shouldn't be overly lengthy and should concentrate mostly on the benefits of organizing this event.

Event Purpose

Give a brief explanation of the event's purpose, the planning process, and the implications of sponsorship for you in the future. Here, specific aims or objectives that are related to the event's mission or marketing theme might be underlined.

Your sponsorship proposal template should have a smooth transition between each part, each of which has a specific function. Your company should be briefly introduced before moving effortlessly into the specifics of the event you are sponsoring. Once the dates and information are established, you may finish by customizing the content for the possible sponsor.

Sponsorship Packages

A sponsorship package is essentially your "pitch" to potential sponsors, explaining why they should choose your event above other opportunities to spend their money. Understanding the aims and purposes of any current sponsors as well as possible new ones is crucial.

Fill in the template with the available sponsorship offers/benefits across the various tiers. Sponsors now more than ever want specialized sponsorship packages for events with the highest ROI. The top two advantages valued by sponsors are:

  1. The capacity to build relationships with attendees
  2. Possibilities for maximizing brand awareness

Terms and Conditions

The legal details of any sponsorship proposal are covered in the "terms and conditions" section. Make sure you provide all the relevant facts because clear and understandable terms and conditions reduce the chance of misunderstandings down the road.

The purpose of the terms and conditions is to give some legal context to your sponsorship proposal. Everyone involved is given the assurance that they will be safeguarded if something goes wrong. For instance, many of us skip this step while filling out the online form.


Sponsorships could be a valuable source of cash for your non-profit company. Set aside some time to create an acknowledgment document specifically for your sponsors as you are ready to ask for sponsorships.


Without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to it, each party may terminate this sponsorship agreement with immediate effect by providing the other party written notice if the other party commits a substantial breach of any provision of this sponsorship agreement that is irremediable or fails to cure that breach within 7 days of being notified in writing to do so.


The sponsor most likely opened the document for this section because it is the section that most team members will review and use to determine whether or not to sponsor.

The estimation of the sponsors' worth and the specification of your price are the two most crucial elements of your sponsorship proposal. The appropriate amount should indicate an investment and return for the sponsor while also paying your costs. It shouldn't be too much or too little.


It states company policies on refunds.

Signature of Agreement

A legal arrangement between two or more parties is known as a sponsorship agreement. After making the necessary changes to this sponsorship agreement form, select yourself and your sponsor as the "Sender" and "Client," respectively, from the menu on the right. then press "Send." The completed contract will be sent to you and your sponsor through email, where you may both e-sign it and download a copy of it.


1. What should a sponsorship proposal include?

A sponsorship proposal may also include details about the event's goals, sponsorship opportunities, guest profiles, terms and conditions, contributions, cancellation procedures, and agreement clauses.

2.  How do I evaluate a sponsorship package?

Ways for evaluation of Sponsorship package:

  • Determine the audience size
  • Outline the sponsorship package
  • Consider the actual value of the package
  • Determine market price
  • Negotiation

3. What is the first section of a sponsorship proposal?

Most requests for sponsorship have a similar format: an introduction, a description of the project you are seeking support for, and then the advantages you will receive in return for the sponsorship.

4. How do you pitch to a sponsor?

  • Share details about the audience
  • Make it relevant
  • Be confident
  • Think about the long-term relationships
  • Be humble

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Sponsorship Proposal Template
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