Helping the world, one eSignature at a time

Not all superheros wear capes. For some, stethoscopes, uniforms and a kind smile are better suited. But, while they keep our community safe, who takes care of them?

Take for instance, Oklahoma-based Miller EMS that delivers critical healthcare services in the community, or Cure Staffing that is recruiting and onboarding temporary nurses and medical support staff for hospitals. Their staff are the real-life-heroes, on the frontlines, doing jobs that are critical to keeping people safe, protecting our community, and keeping life moving. They deserve to be protected too. Most importantly, they deserve a more hygienic and ‘healthy’ work environment. That’s where eSignatures come in.

By digitizing document signing, eSignature solutions reduce the risk of exposure and cross-contamination while managing paperwork and collecting signatures. eSignatures also eliminate the need to interface with high-contact surfaces such as printers, scanners and shared paper documents and writing utensils.

Signeasy powers eSignatures for SMBs

Miller EMS
Signeasy has pulled out all stops to keep Miller EMS’ healthcare workers and customers safe. We have made the exchange and signing of critical paperwork for EMS’ first responders and support team completely ‘touchfree’ In fact, as of today, all new hire and onboarding documents are managed via Signeasy — eSignatures for SMBs. We are inspired by the work Miller EMS is doing to serve their community and proud to help them do so in a safe way.

Cure Staffing
Cure Staffing has been at the front lines helping hospitals and medical clinics secure critical staffing to help support patients with Covid-19 and others in need. By adopting Signeasy’s eSignature capability, Cure Staffing can more quickly and easily get critical paperwork, such as W9 forms, completed. It can also expedite the document signing in the hiring and onboarding process.

Miller EMS and Cure Staffing are two of the many beneficiaries of our efforts to serve the community by providing businesses and employees at healthcare, educational institutions as well as nonprofits and NGOs with free access to our eSigning solution. These premium features help them expedite their work without putting themselves further at risk of contamination. We will continue to offer this as long as our customers in these key areas need them.

Is your organization active in COVID-19 relief efforts, and looking to give eSignatures a try? If so, we want to help you. Just write in to us at [email protected] to inquire and share your needs.

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