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The ultimate free sales contract template for SMBs

Learn how to download, draft and send sign your free sales contract template from Signeasy. Quick and simple to understand. Get Started Today!

Team Signeasy
Team Signeasy
August 15, 2020
 min read
The ultimate free sales contract template for SMBs

Frequently asked questions

How do you write a sales contract?
To write a sales contract, (1) Agree on the terms and conditions of the sale with the customer. (2) Write down the basic details of the buyer, seller, and the goods being sold. (3) Mention the transactional relationship between buyer and seller. (4) Write the payment terms, ownership details, and actions in case of delays, damage, or rejection of goods. (5) Make note of the good's delivery terms. (6) Mention details of the warranty terms. (7) Include essential legalese like arbitration, applicable law, etc. (8) Finally, include a section for the buyer and seller to sign and authorize the entire agreement.
What is an example of a sales contract?
A good example of a sales contract is one between an engine supplier and a car manufacturer. Such a car sale contract will outline the terms of the sale and be ratified by the buyer and seller.
Can I write my own contract?
Instead of writing your own contract, you should just download a contract template and upload it onto electronic signature software. Then, you can tweak the contract template to suit every individual sale, and shoot it out to the buyer with just a few clicks!
How do you make a contract between seller and buyer?
A binding agreement between buyer and seller should include the date of the transaction, names, and addresses of the parties involved, payment details, and terms of the purchase.
Team Signeasy
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