Add an Image To Your Documents With SignEasy

Do you need to sign and send a document with an image?

There are a number of documents which require some sort of proof in the form of an image: a company stamp, a product sample or a picture of you.

With SignEasy its very simple to import and attach images to any document in 3 quick steps:

1. Tap on the pen icon and select Image .

2. Import a photo from your Photo Library or select from previously imported ones.

3. Place the image on the desired location, readjust the image size and tap Save.

Sign and Send a Document With an Image With SignEasy

And voilá! You are all set to send your signed document back 🙂

 Image added in the document with SignEasy

This is one of many cool features of SignEasy that is solely put out for our valued customers. If you have suggestions for a feature you would like, please send them over to support at

Thank You!

– SignEasy Team

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