Make no mistake: eSignatures help keep small errors from becoming big problems

It’s the ultimate form of time-saving damage control

Accidents are a part of life, and it’s okay to make a mistake! The most important thing isn’t avoiding the occasional error – it’s having a quick and easy way to fix it.

When you’re requesting eSignatures, entering the wrong recipient or misspelling an email address is a pain … especially if there are multiple signers involved. What if the wrong person is given access to a confidential contract? Or if someone simply never receives their copy?

If you catch the mistake immediately, you’ll need to withdraw and resend the document for all parties, which puts your error front and center. And without a quick fix, you’ll have to start right back at the beginning of the signature request process.

Modify recipient fields after sending a request with RS Edit

With Signeasy, users can quickly and discreetly add or modify recipients for signature requests that have already been sent out. This action can be performed at any point while the document is still pending.

Not only can this feature save you tons of time, but in many cases, it can also save your reputation!

When is this feature useful?

Think of RS Edit as advanced damage control for everything from “oops!” moments to all-out catastrophes.

Situation 1: Pesky Typos

With the slip of a finger, even the most careful professionals can accidentally press the wrong key. Instead of starting your signature request from scratch when you make a mistake, simply edit the “to” field and send your file on its way.

Situation 2: “Wrong John”

Do you have two John Smiths in your contact book? You might end up sending the wrong John a signature request. If this situation occurs, you can open the RS Edit feature, add the correct John Smith, and simultaneously cancel the inaccurate request.

Situation 3: “You missed her by two weeks”

Let’s say you need an eSignature from three recipients. After sending the document, you are informed that one of the three recently left the company. After issuing a profuse apology, you can quickly swap in the new team member and update the appropriate documents fields. Damage: controlled.

Situation 4: Avoid (documents) taking the scenic route

What happens when the decision maker and signatory aren’t the same person? For example, your buyer, the VP of Operations, loves your product and has agreed to purchase! As the final decision maker, you send her the contract to seal the deal! But wait… The VP of Finance is the company signatory, so his is the required signature. Don’t wait for the document to make the rounds: Be proactive and redirect it to him the moment the issue arises!

Make sure you’re prepared for anything: check out the [HOW-TO GUIDE] to learn more about using RS Edit.

If you’re interested in giving this Signeasy feature (and much more) a spin.

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