Have you ever signed a document with your face? Now you can!

Users can now apply their electronic signature using Face ID 

There are so many things that make you unique! Your fingerprint, your signature, and your face’s one-of-a-kind geometry. 

With Signeasy’s latest software update, it’s never been more convenient to be you: we are now accepting Face ID as a second layer of authentication to your eSignature input. With the launch of this new feature, we’ve also become the first eSignature product to capture biometric authentication in document audit trails: yet another pillar that upholds our commitment to safe, secure, legally-binding digital signatures. 

Face ID is our latest foray into multi-factor authentication, which makes us an even more secure solution, even when you are on the go. In addition to capturing each signer’s details, like IP address, email address, and timestamp, the audit trail will now include whether Face ID was enabled on the device to finalize and sign the document. 

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With this update, you can enable Face ID as a way to launch the Signeasy app, and also to complete the final step before signing a document. This feature doubles as a convenience upgrade and a security upgrade: if your phone gets stolen, or if you are working on a shared corporate device, you don’t need to worry about someone else being able to view sensitive documents or sign new documents on your behalf. Face ID  prevents anyone else from accessing the paperwork that belongs to your account. 

From the Settings menu, this feature can be configured to launch the app, authenticate a document signature, or both. Simply flash that beautiful face to authenticate, and your document will be ready to go.

For older devices with Touch ID, the update will seamlessly support this feature as well. 

We are constantly looking out for the next layer of security we can add to our innovative app. By keeping an ear to the ground for advancements in the tech industry, we are able to reinforce our commitment to providing a secure eSignature solution, on both desktop and mobile devices.  

Download the mobile app here. Watch the full video about his update below ?

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