Workflows are easier, you become happier – Now that SignEasy integrates with Zapier!

Psssst. Wanna try our Zaps?

We all have them on our lists. The tedious, time-consuming things we just don’t want to do. You know, those things we hope will never make it to the top of the “to-do” list because something more important comes up… Like, the things coming dangerously close to the top when the opportunity to write this, instead of doing them, presented itself. You get it…

Well, eventually they come back around for all of us, and we have two choices: A triple espresso, a good self-pep talk and lots of willpower, or a miracle cure-all with zero side effects (note: this statement has NOT been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration!). Yea, I’m with you: I’ll take the latter, aka a “Zap.”

Here at SignEasy, we are thrilled to partner with Zapier, providing our web app users with no-code, task-specific integrations with the other software tools already using! We are confident that it will truly eliminate items from that “to-do list” you keep trying to hide somewhere clever.

So, how does it work? Now, signing, sending or receiving a document via SignEasy can trigger the automatic completion of one or more tasks previously requiring manual (i.e. engaging your mind, eyes, hands) intervention. Let’s walk through an example:

Slack Integration

You use SignEasy for signatures. You use Slack for interoffice communication. When you receive that all-important contract back, fully signed by the customer, all you want to do is jump up and down and shout “Yippee!!” But that’s not what you need to do. You need to go open up one or more chats in Slack, alerting all of the appropriate people and/or channels by way of a much toned down “Yippee!!” Well, the SignEasy-Slack Zap can take care of that for you; as soon as the signature arrives, the Slack message(s) are triggered, and you are free to do all the jumping up and down you would like (please check with your doctor before engaging in overly strenuous jumping and yelling). 

Get Notified in a Slack Channel When a Document is Signed


And that’s just the beginning…

But wait, there’s more! Almost a dozen more (for the time being), to be precise. We’ve created similarly useful Zaps, for other similarly time-consuming tasks, with other similarly popular software products. Based on the integrations that SignEasy’s mobile app users already leverage, we’ve created web app Zaps connecting to Microsoft’s Outlook and OneDrive; Google Workspace including Gmail; and Cloud backup solutions Box and Dropbox, with more in the works. 

Create a Email Draft in Gmail when a Signed Document is Completed in SignEasy 

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No idea how you ended up on this page, but intrigued nonetheless? That’s great to hear and the links above will get you set up in no time! 

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