With a host of new business-ready features, Signeasy aims to boost productivity in the SMB segment

So we have some pretty exciting news.

Over the last few months, we’ve rolled out some high-impact features including Templates and Team Dashboard. Well, it was all building up to what we have to share today – Signeasy is happy and proud to announce that we are now serving the SMB segment!

According to a recent International Data Corporation (IDC) report, SMBs worldwide will be spending $61 billion on cloud solutions by 2019. The competition to build solutions that cater to this segment is quite intense, with a particular focus on increasing productivity.

Sunil Patro, CEO and Founder of Signeasy is a big advocate of a company spending time understanding the challenges faced by their customers as it directly reflects on the quality of the products built.  For the last few years, Signeasy has established a strong presence among independent individuals and small businesses – recognition from the App Store and the reviews we receive are a constant reminder of the support and love of our amazing customers. Applying what we’ve learned to serve the SMB segment is the natural next step for us.

Here are the latest features from Signeasy, designed to fit the everyday business requirements, enabling teams and organizations to cut the paperwork chase and drive business impact.

  • Templates

Most paperwork filed by a company – including offer letters, invoices, and contracts – is repetitive. The Templates feature in Signeasy allows users to save these documents as templates and send them out for signature faster every single time.

  • Document Fields

Two of the biggest challenges when signing documents are accuracy and completeness. The Document Fields feature cuts down paperwork turnaround time by avoiding simple errors such as missing signatures. By adding Document Fields, one can easily point out where each signer needs to sign/fill in a detail, avoiding potential errors.  

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  • Custom Branding

In order to maintain trust and confidence, it is essential for businesses to retain their brand identity across all customer and partner facing touchpoints. Signeasy’s Custom Branding allows users to customize workflow emails and screens by including their company’s logo.

  • Team Dashboard

For customers using Signeasy across their teams and organization, it becomes crucial to track usage, add or remove users, and invite team members. Signeasy addresses this need by providing a Team Dashboard for the administrator, with all information easily accessible.

  • Seamless Integrations

By seamlessly integrating with widely-used business suites including GSuite, Office 365, Zoho CRM and Zoho Writer, Signeasy makes it easy for users to experience the benefits of eSignatures from right within their favorite business applications.

Since I switched to Signeasy, my work days have become a whole lot easier. Now, I can sign documents and have them back at the head office within seconds. This makes the process very efficient for both, the client and myself. It becomes particularly handy when I need a document signed remotely”, vouches David Hunter, Marketing Consultant at Jan Forster Estates, an independent real-estate agency, and a happy Signeasy customer. “The quality and professionalism of the documents have added to me and my company’s credibility. I tried other software and found their systems unreliable and unstable. With Signeasy, getting signatures is just what it claims-easy.

In addition to being a huge time sink, traditional paperwork costs around $3,800 per month to process, even for a small company with a small monthly roster of 10 customers. Consequently, the trend of moving to a “paperless workplace” is now picking up a lot of traction, and will continue to do so as businesses continue to experience its benefits. The time is right, and so are we – with your continued support, Signeasy will emerge as a leader again, this time in the SMB segment!

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