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Chupik Counseling transitions to telehealth with Signeasy

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Chupik Counseling

Chupik Counseling transitions to telehealth with Signeasy


As the entire world transitioned to remote work seemingly overnight, Chupik Counseling wasted no time adopting telemedicine. Having mainly focused on in-person therapy up until that point, they needed a way to onboard new patients – and get the necessary consent forms signed by existing patients – ASAP. Here's how Signeasy helped them flawlessly adopt telemedicine at a time when their business depended on it.

The company

For nearly three decades, Chupik Counseling has provided mental health services for patients in central Texas. Their bread and butter is therapy and counseling, but they also offer psychological evaluations, medication management, and more. They currently have five brick and mortar locations, and quickly expanded into telehealth in the first few months of 2020 due to the global health crisis.

The challenge

Jeffrey Chupik, the President and CEO of his namesake counseling practice, was a big believer in face-to-face therapy as the best possible mental health approach. Then, the entire world changed.

As was the case with most businesses at the time, these changes happened very quickly. It didn't take long for staff to realize that they had no proper system in place to obtain patient consent for their telehealth services: they needed a solution to onboard new patients (and bring their existing ones online) that didn’t rely on face-to-face interaction.

Previously, they would send each new patient a welcome email with consent forms attached as PDFs. They would be asked to print and sign the documents, then turn them in during their first appointment. If the client showed up without the documents, the therapist would provide copies. With their clinics closed for business, though, this process was no longer an option.

Chupik began searching for a simple document signing platform that could help them complete their transition to online therapy – and Signeasy was exactly what the doctor ordered.

The solution

Chupik's first stop was DocuSign, since he had heard of the platform before. However, their solution was weighed down by a number of features he didn't need, and their pricing wasn't to his liking. Here's what made Signeasy the perfect fit!

An end-to-end eSignature ecosystem

Each patient welcome email now includes links to Signeasy templates or envelopes (for document bundles) instead of individual PDFs. As soon as patients sign their forms, their therapist automatically receives a digital copy that can be filed away immediately.

The same goes for existing patients who need to sign new consent forms with telemedicine-related HIPAA terms.

Time-saving templates

Chupik said it couldn't have been easier for him to create templates for commonly-used documents, then share them with the admin staff. Now, these templates are a part of every onboarding process.

Lightning-fast adoption

In a single phone call, Chupik was able to get his staff started with Signeasy: no complicated setup, no head-scratching, just quick and convenient eSigning.

The Pain Point


A rapid transition to tele-health required Chupik to bring their onboarding and consent processes online.

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“We traditionally didn’t do much of telehealth. But eventually, we felt the need to move our counsellors to an online platform and let our clients benefit from it. We evaluated DocuSign first but weren’t happy with the feature-heavy platform. Signeasy worked well for us with good pricing and an easy-to-use platform with just the right features we wanted”
Jeffrey Chupik
President and CEO
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