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Jüsto ramps up expansion in Latin America with Signeasy


Jüsto ramps up expansion in Latin America with Signeasy


Jüsto, the first 100%  online supermarket based in Mexico City delivers fresh fruits, vegetables, pantry staples, and other groceries to consumers in Mexico and Latin America. When the pandemic placed an unprecedented demand on online grocery businesses, Jüsto tactfully responded to it without compromising on the quality of service. To keep up with this expansion, they needed an easy and affordable eSignature solution to further streamline core business processes such as new hire onboarding and supplier management.


Founded in 2019 with a mission to disrupt the Latin American grocery industry, Jüsto, an online-only supermarket chain has transformed the way food is delivered. They take pride in partnering with local suppliers and international brands to deliver fresh produce and basic household essentials at their consumers’ doorstep. Jüsto offers its customers the convenience of placing orders online through its website or app.

The company saw exponential growth of 800% in the last two years and are now planning to expand their footprint and launch operations in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and more.


Jüsto promises to deliver convenience and the freshest produce to their customers. To make this happen, a lot of backend logistics around sourcing and delivering across various regions needed to be in place.  And it is no secret that with rapid growth comes new operational challenges such as setting up warehouses in new locations, finding and working with local logistics partners, and hiring new employees. Relying on paper contracts and manual processes meant delayed internal and external approvals. Jüsto’s Head of Finance and New Business, Andres Subia, quickly realized that the traditional paperwork workflows didn’t fit the Jüsto business model, and digitization was the only way to scale. 

The Solution

To reduce document turnaround times, better track leasing contracts with warehouse owners, and make the agreement and onboarding processes more straightforward and secure, Andres Subia turned to Signeasy, the easiest eSignature solution built for high-growth teams.

Meeting the demands of expansion 

Before using Signeasy, HR, finance, and warehouse operations teams at Jüsto relied heavily on paper-and-pen signatures for all contracts. This inhibited their rapid expansion plans and had them stuck in the loop of manual paperwork.

Now, with Signeasy, teams can initiate proposals and send contracts directly to the customer for signature, automatically receive it back and share it with the stakeholders or partners for a much faster and more convenient experience.

Delighted to do away with the complex “signing on the dotted line” process, the finance team uses Signeasy to quickly sign off on budget approvals and the Supply Chain Management team signs and reviews new warehouse lease contracts in near-real-time without errors. 

The expansion team uses Signeasy’s intuitive web app to sign contracts with local suppliers and purchase new vehicles so that they can keep up with the demands of huge volumes of customer orders. 

Signeasy simplifies new-hire paperwork

Right from the start, Jüsto recognized how crucial it’s for a business to provide a digital hiring experience to secure top talent and facilitate the onboarding process. Instead of the print, sign, scan, and fax/courier workflow — everything is now done online with Signeasy! 

The HR department offers a smoother signing experience by rolling out offer letters, NDAs, and other important documents directly from Signeasy. With standout features such as reusable templates, instant status visibility, and the ability to sign anywhere, anytime, on any device, the HR team is able to seamlessly hire new drivers and warehouse employees without breaking a sweat. 

By automating the HR workflows, they cut down a great deal of time spent on performance reviews. Signeasy has drastically reduced the number of days it took from signing the performance evaluation form by the employees to the final approval by the manager. No more extending the deadlines for review submissions over and over again!

As Jüsto grows and looks ahead, the management is considering adopting eSignatures for supply chain operations to build a robust and highly efficient supply chain and hyper-local logistics operation. 

The Pain Point


Needed an easy eSignature solution to streamline new hire onboarding and supplier management.

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“We needed an eSignature solution that was easy for our staff and partners to use. As a brand, Jüsto believes in convenience and Signeasy offers exactly that. "
Andres Subia
Head of Finance and New Business
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